Why I Thrift: The Risk

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet up with some fellow DMV thrifty ladies for another thrifting crawl, organized by the lovely Stephie. This time around, we hit up Old Town Alexandria's circuit of consignment, vintage, and thrift stores and ended with some drinks and snacks at Vermillion. As we sat around, giddy about our new purchases, we got on the topic of how everyone sitting there had first gotten addicted to thrifting.

We all had different reasons, but for most the themes were the same--we got started in high school/college, liked finding cheap clothes, and loved having different things than what you would typically find in department stores. As I drove home, I continued thinking about how thrifting became a full-blown addiction for me. Certain words always come to mind-- the thrill, the hunt, the reward. But thrifting can also be a risk. As someone who hates wasting time, why would the idea of spending hours in a disorganized mess of clothes and accessories with the possibility of walking away empty-handed appeal to me? 

Well, like a true shopaholic, I love shopping. Walking around with a cup of coffee, trying on things, and hopefully finding some new clothes to bring home. But when you thrift, it's so much more than that! Yes, you have to look harder and be more patient, but it's completely worth it when you find that designer dress that fits like a glove or that perfect vintage blazer.

I have people saying all the time "I need to go thrifting with you!", but my friends, it's not me! There is a treasure hunt waiting out there for you, and if you have the patience and the time, the risk can be totally worth it in the end.

Speaking of that designer dress that fits like a glove...

I am in love with this dress that Stephie pulled off the rack for me at Look Again Resale. It's by Chetta B, and after some internet research, I'm thinking I got a pretty sweet deal:


An exquisitely detailed modern line. Chetta B is the ultimate in elegant versatility for sophisticated woman catering to day and evening with delicate and unique fabrics, each garment will be treasured. Available at Dillard’s, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, and other fine specialty stores. Price ranges from $120 to $300 retail.
(from the company website)

This particular dress is currently on sale for $85.00 at Neiman Marcus Last Call. However, $12 was my damage. Cha-ching!


  1. Brenda, you look AWESOME in that dress!! I love that you love thrifting as much as I love thrifting. (A lot of love in the sentence). Thanks so much for always being up for going hunting with me ;)

  2. you look stunning! i love the fit and the colors on you. i love thrifting for all the same reasons...and i usually like to go alone, but mainly because i take so long that i feel bad making others wait while i browse the store 2-3 times over.

  3. Ahhhh! That dress is sooo pretty and it fits you so well.
    I love that you paired it with tights and those heels! Nice.

    It's true, the adventure that is thrifting is the draw. I mean the way you put the clothes together will make it appeal to your friends, but its the hunt of it that makes you keep coming back.
    That "cup of coffee" line made me want to leave work just now.... lol.

  4. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you, great find!

  5. Amazing! Love it, looks fabulous on you!

  6. What a score! I didn't realize that was such a fancy brand! So you found a amazing bargain AND it fits you perfectly. Thrifting success! (Can't wait to do it again!)

  7. Ooo, great find. You really do have to be patient. The only downside to thrifting for clothes is that I always find an awesome piece 5 sizes to big. Sad.

  8. Brenda, what a lovely frock! Score!

    I thrift for the same reasons. I also think thrifting is a great way to experiment with colours and looks you wouldn't normally, if you had to pay retail. Plus when you find older pieces, the quality is just so much better than all the mass stuff out there (excepting lovely designer pieces like your dress, of course!).


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