The Kitchen: A Closer Look

The kitchen is one of the first things you see when you walk into our house, and it was DEFINITELY one of the many reasons I fell in love immediately when we first saw the place many months ago. I will never forget walking in the door and seeing the light blue walls, the funky chandelier, and the previous owner's Kitchen Aid stand mixer just like mine. I texted a picture to my mom, to which she responded "OMG! It's your house!"

And she was right. Momma knows best.

If I knew anything about house hunting from HGTV, I knew that this kitchen had everything that a modern homeowner would want--hardwood floors, stainless steel, and granite countertops. Are you sick of hearing those words yet? When watching those shows, Ian and I have said there should be a drinking game every time one of those phrases are uttered, but it sure is OK with me when it's in my own house. The previous owners really put a lot of work into updating the place, and I couldn't wait to fill it with my own little touches.

Thrifted Silver Bowl 

 Art from World Market - 50% off!

Antique tin

 Antique coffee grinder and serving stand.

 Thrifted book stand.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my favorite room of the house! 


  1. Your kitchen is super cute! It really is very "YOU"

  2. So cute and cozy, and I agree with CeCe, seems very "you" :) Love the blue walls!

  3. OMG your kitchen is so you!! Love those blue walls & the way you displayed your cook books :)

  4. Love all these pictures! What an adorable kitchen - I can really see your personality shining through!

  5. This is amazing - it is so unique and different! Not the everyday kitchen which is what makes it!

  6. i love it! the tins and dishes are such perfect accessories to go with tha cute table and chair set (and of course the granite countertops)!

  7. The light blue walls are so fresh! And I love your kitchen chairs too.


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