Weather Woman

When I was a kid, another one of my dream careers (briefly) was to be a weather lady. Not because I was interested in science or how weather worked. I just wanted to look pretty and learn how to point to a green screen in swooping motions while reading the teleprompter. 

I would also like to point out that I was obsessed with the Weather Channel when I was a kid. OBSESSED. I was terrified of thunderstorms and would watch the weather incessantly to make sure there wasn't any bad weather coming our way. When there was--oh boy. Especially when that red bar would scroll across the screen accompanied by that God-awful beeping noise. Forget it. I was a mess. It got to the point where my parents actually had to block the Weather Channel from me. True story.

All this is to say my outfit yesterday made me feel like something, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. My first thought was kind of presidential, with the black dress and pearls. And then I thought maybe news reporter? But I figured it out when I got home--does this outfit make me look like a weather lady?

This great blazer was a lunchtime Goodwill find. It fits a little loose for my liking, so that means I wanted to pair it with a slightly more form-fitting dress underneath. 

Also--I LOVE that our new deck --or excuse me, private blog photo taking area -- catches a peek of the morning sun. It really adds to the weather lady theme, right?


House Tour: Beginning to Look like a Home


This morning I am excited to show you a little taste of our new abode.


Since moving in several weeks ago, we have constantly been on the go getting unpacked and decorated, but last week I felt like I hit a wall. I  was done decorating. There were still boxes all over the place, things were half ass-edly placed wherever I thought they should go, and overall I was feeling OVERWHELMED at how much work setting up a home can be. Why can't there be unlimited funds to go out and buy everything on my wish list so that it can look straight out of a magazine? I didn't even want to share the progress on the blog until everything was in perfect shape and we had made some of the upgrades that are on top of my list.

But this weekend, knowing that there were some friends coming over to see the new place, I was re-energized to at least pull the place together so that people wouldn't cringe when they walked in the door. And you know what? I am happy with how it all came together. 

I realized I hate it when people just show off all the perfect things in their life. Don't tell me that those homes in Better Homes and Gardens didn't start out on a budget of Goodwill and furniture leftover from their parents/college dorm/apartments. I am excited to share the progress of turning our house into a put-together home. We'll get there. But for now, take a peek at our living room and its holiday flair!

Disclaimer: furniture and decor is subject to change.


To do: 
-Reupholster chair (maybe.)
-New throw pillow


I swapped in a Christmas card over a piece of antique sheet music for an easy holiday print!


I think a blog post is necessary on how this red glitter fruit came to be...





To do: restock this corner. Absolutely necessary.


Free Christmas printable from agapelovedesigns.com

What do you think?


Thrifty Furnishing

As if I need more reasons to go thrifting, I now have a house to furnish and can't help but let my imagination run away with me when I see crappy tables, chairs, and lamps just begging to be refurbished like I see so many of my blogging friends take on (and make look so easy!). It's up for debate whether I will be the next reupholstery expert or if our house would just look like a middle school craft fair, but sometimes I'm lucky enough to see things that are in great shape, look cool, and actually match our decor. It's probably better that way.

Enter these end tables found on a lunchtime jaunt to Goodwill.

end tables

When I saw these hanging out by the register, I was actually lugging a DIFFERENT end table up to the check out line, but I pretty much gasped and dropped it once I saw these. Despite a little dust, they are a solid set of awesome looking end tables, and for fifteen bucks each I couldn't pass them up.




It was hard to not go back to the office and gush about my find as to not look like a crazy hoarder lady, so I guess thats what blogs are for. 



You know your mommy is awesome when she sends you a bag of clothes that she's picked up for you at Goodwill in the past month. Including, but not limited to, a shapeless red polka dot button up shirt that she is confident you could make use of.

Oh Mommy. You know me too well.


Don't you just love when an outfit magically comes together when you're running late? I wasn't planning on wearing any of these things when I woke up, but left the house wearing them. It's rare that this happens and I'm actually happy with my outfit for the rest of the day. Not to mention that I finally achieved a messy bun that I was happy with--  also a rare occurrence. I would say that some of my favorite outfits have been ones that I didn't lay out the night before or plan in my head when I can't fall asleep. They have been ones that just happen. 

Since moving into our new place, I have been trying to figure out the best places in the house for photo-taking. You know, like any good blogger should! Clearly the morning light in my soon-to-be craft room isn't great, so I guess there is still more experimenting to do.

So much to do, so little time! And by that I mean so much house to decorate, ideas to pin, and magazines to look at, and not enough time, money, or space.

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