Blazing Red

Over my long twenty-three years of life (having been an avid thrifter for approximately ten of them!), I have never found an item that I adore more than my red blazer.

I know, a lofty statement. How can anyone pick out their favorite item of clothing, especially one that they might have slaved over racks and racks of musty old shirts and jackets for hours to find the perfect garment that doesn't look like it came out of a grandma's closet? Or how about one where they sauntered down to the Goodwill over their lunch break, grabbed the first red thing they saw, and tried it on and fell in love? In and out the door in thirty minutes, and out only six bucks? This may have been how I found this gem, but you can believe what you want.

I don't know much about the jacket itself. The label on the inside says "Brentley" but I'm hardly able to find anything online with that brand. All I know is that I love it and I will accept it and whatever its background might be, even if it was last worn by an old man ushering at church.
(Ok, that's a little weird.)

Hard to believe that I took these pictures a short twelve hours ago in the shining sun, and now Ian and I are currently hunkered down inside with the snow blowing around outside enjoying a grown up snow day. Everyone in the DC area, stay safe in the storm! 


  1. I have a goal to own a blazer in every color...haha. I have a blue and a pink. Notice how there isn't a basic black in there...hmmm. Stay safe! So far we just have some gusty winds.
    Penniless Socialite

  2. Everyone looks so cute in blazers...except for me. I try them on and I look like a child playing dress up. Yours looks great!

  3. hold onto these sunny pictures during the storm. you look amazing! stay safe and warm!

  4. Stay warm and safe!! I love this outfit. That blazer is definitely a great score!

  5. You look gorgeous, this outfit is too cute & so you if that makes sense lol


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