This week has been a roller coaster of motivation and energy. Can I still blame it on switching the clocks ahead? Or is everyone else caught up by now? I find myself lagging through every day, and then all of a sudden full of energy as soon as I get home to do anything but sleep. Then I get in bed and my mind won't shut off, and as soon as the alarm goes off a short couple of hours later, it's back to where we started.

Incidentally, this week I've also had a dumb meltdown, cried at Undercover Boss, and felt the need to eat my weight in chocolate peanut butter rice krispy treats. Oh hey, PMS. Nice to see you again.

I think this photo that I snapped while I was sitting in traffic one morning pretty much sums it up.

Happy Freakin' Friday. Back to your normally scheduled upbeat programming next week!


  1. i'm having that week, too....i cried at a subaru commercial! i hope you start feeling better soon. maybe a weekend and some wine will help!

  2. I am totally having the same week, and without PMS. I really blame it on the time-change. Even though it happened two weeks ago, I'm still reeling from it, and EXHAUSTED! I even cried at a poster for a movie about Jackie Robinson. A POSTER! Good grief.

  3. Sometimes it's just like that and it sucks. It's the ebb and flow of life. Traffic has sucked every single day for me this week except today. On the upside it's Friday! Hope you get your normal energy and sleep back soon. Have a good weekend.


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