A Closer Look: Our Bedroom

Over the past few weekends, I've done some spring cleaning. I've gone through my closet, thrown a bunch of stuff out, and have hung more stuff that hadn't found a home yet on the walls. On Saturday, I finally took it upon myself to REALLY spruce up our bedroom so I could snap some photos to share! 

I mean...uhh...it always looks perfect and clean. Duh. Doesn't yours?

When we moved in, the two rooms that we painted right away were the living room and our bedroom, which were both painted a lovely shade of pastel blue/green. Not that I don't love me some pastels, but the color we picked is very neutral and can go with just about any color themes I might decide on in the future. (FYI, it's called Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams.)

I figured if there was anywhere to have a shrine to ourselves, the bedroom was a good place...right?

I kind of unofficially took over the dresser as my beauty storage space (sorry, Ian) and have fought an ongoing battle with storing my jewlery and makeup in a way that doesn't look a mess. Right now, I'm happy with what I've come up with! My makeup is currently displayed on a vintage serving stand and bracelets on a skinny glass vase...

...brooches on a homemade tray...

...and earrings on a wire jar carrier thingy. I'm all about repurposing!


  1. Your collection of brooches is AWESOME! And the room looks great - I love your bedding :)

  2. You've done a great job with storing jewelry in a pretty way! Love it. Our bedroom is the one place we have our wedding pic. Thanks for inviting us into your bedroom!!

  3. Ooh Brenda, I love your cool and pretty display ideas! Tall vase for bracelets: brilliant. And the pretty vintage serving plate for makeup is adorable too. Before I moved overseas I put all my bling on a retro segmented serving tray. :) xo

  4. i love it!! i have one of those double serving trays in my room, too...to holld ALL my rings!

  5. Looking good. Love your jewelry storage! You have quite the collection. Totally jealous!


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