Pearls and Plaid

Going along with my spring cleaning kick I've had lately, I tore through my closets several weekends ago, throwing all of my lesser-loved clothing into piles, sorting by Keep (aka, 95% of the stuff), Consign (aka, stuff that I spent too much money on to throw away), Donate (aka, stuff still in good shape), and Toss (aka, half-started sewing projects, shirts I've ruined, socks with holes in them, etc.).

I thought a had a pretty good system going, and even had the donate/consign clothes packed in bags, ready to go by the door. Well, days and then weeks went by, and I still hadn't taken them away. In fact, I started digging through them in the mornings as I got ready for work, hoping that maybe by some luck I would see one of my neglected tops or dresses in a new light. Kind of like shopping. Or maybe I would see an outfit on Pinterest that I liked, think to myself "wasn't there a plaid shirt in that bag that I was going to throw away?", and dig it out to re-create the stylish girl's look.

Yeah, that happened. Whoops.

This Forever 21 button up was among the tossed because I've always thought I looked super doofy in plaid. I like to think that it looks comfy and casual on me, when really, I just feel straight out of a 90's catalog. But lately I've had a change of heart, because when tucked into a skirt with some pretty accessories, it's an unexpected look for the office.

Lessons learned today? Maybe instead going shopping, sometimes you can see items from your closet in a new light. But if you are going to give away clothes you don't wear, get them out of your house and to your local Goodwill ASAP. Otherwise, you will end up a hoarder. Like me

P.S. I'm also selling some of my used clothes on Copius.com. Has anybody had any luck with this site? 


  1. LOL, sounds like something I would do!

  2. Omg..i thought i was the only one who dug through bags of items to be donated! Thats why i need to start taking them the day of! This top is cute though! Look hoarding efficiently is key, reinventing is necessary. Lol!

  3. Oh, yes. Clothes must be out the door ASAP. Or should they be? Because that outfit is really cute!

  4. hello lovely!!! ee i love your blog and i was wondering if you could possibly have a little look at mine iv just posted a 'post' and id really like some feed back on it!!! thankyou xxxxx http://hughesingg.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/my-first-makeup-video.html


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