Thrifty Decor: Local Art

I don't know about you, but it was a GREAT weekend for the Brodies. My family was here to see the house for the first time, and Saturday was spent shopping and doing some major damage at the outlets and thrift stores of Northern VA while Ian and my Dad bonded over lunch and Lincoln. You really can't beat that.

Lately, my thrifting trips have been more focused on finding things for our home more than they've been about finding more clothes that I don't need. Hah, don't get me wrong--I still manage to come home with clothes I don't need. But lately, I've been scoring some great home decor (remember my Goodwill end tables?) On Saturday, as I was perusing the aisle of creepy and cheesy paintings at Saver's, I came across some great local art prints, still in the plastic, for $4.99 each. 

We picked up some white frames from Ikea and they fit perfectly! The white frame and bright colors in the painting look great against the dark paint in a corner that was previously undecorated.

I love that, room by room, the house is slowly starting to come together. Right now, I am still in the 'change around the wall art every weekend until I'm happy with it' stage--which I've been told never ends--but today, I am loving it. 

Also--check out our new rug! Snagged from Ross's in a big after Christmas sale. Good job Ian.


  1. What color paint did you guys use in that room? I love it!

    1. Thanks! It's Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.

  2. i love the local art! what a great find!! i also love your starburst on the wall!

  3. Love it all! That rug is so cute :)

  4. Love your white chair. It looks so comfortable!

  5. Love the rug! Area rugs can be super expensive but I know you got a good deal at Ross. Looking good.

  6. You did an amazing job! I absolutely love your style!

    I just joined your blog and I really hope you follow back so we can stay in touch love xox

  7. The living room looks fantastic! Love the dark walls..


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