A New Year

Hey folks! I'm back!

You maybe noticed I've been absent around these parts for a few weeks. I seemed to come down with a case of the winter creativity blahs where I realized that I had fallen into a blogging rut and lacked the motivation to do something about it. You know, kind of like complaining about the extra pudge you seemed to pack on over the holidays, but doing so while sitting on the couch in your sweats and not doing a damn thing about it. Which may or may not have also happened to me during my little blah time. So what's a girl to do?

This time of year is always a bit of a bummer for me, as I'm sure it is for many, as the excitement of the holidays is over, goodbyes are said to friends and family back home, and the reality of going back to work starts to set in. I had a ton of pictures and stories from my Christmas break, but truthfully, the idea of blogging about it just wasn't really important to me. This year, rather than trying to capture every little thing and think of everything that happened as a 'blog story', I just let myself enjoy the time with my loved ones. Which, believe me, as a blogging addict was hard to do at first! But once I didn't have the pressure of capturing every moment on camera, the whole thing was just so much more enjoyable. Only thing was, I was so used to it by the time we got back after Christmas to enjoy the rest of the week off, that I just forgot about blogging completely. OK, not forgot--but more like put it at the back of my mind.

I've also been thinking about the purpose of this space and what exactly I'm trying to be as a blogger. Sometimes I miss just writing about life, and too often I find myself sucked into the easy trap of taking photos of myself and writing quippy little comments about my outfits. I didn't originally start this as a fashion blog, and I don't plan on making it solely that. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the blogs that I read and all the other ones out there that I haven't discovered and think about how small and insignificant blogging here seems sometimes. I mean, you have people out there making a living off of their blog and responding to hundreds of readers every day. At this point, is there really anything new to write about? Everybody loves DIY projects and cupcakes and Pinterest and DSLR cameras. What really separates me from everyone else out there?

Maybe it's just being myself and sharing my stories. And I am making a commitment that in 2013, I am going to do my best to make this a blog that people not only enjoy reading, but can maybe find as a refreshment from everything else out there. That's not to say I won't be posting outfits, recipes, and DIY projects--because believe me, there will be plenty of that- but I hope to do something a little more this year. Even if it's just to challenge myself to get a little more creative than usual. Because no one ever died from thinking outside the box, right?

Anyway, 2013 is going to be great. I have so many ideas for our home, for this blog, and for making myself a better wife and person.

And this isn't because I've spent way too much time on Pinterest lately. Really.


  1. i read blogs mainly because of the personality of the blogger. this is why i love yours. i read blogs because i feel like i know the other bloggers, even if i haven't met them. i love yours...you are funny and creative and cute and fashionable. whatever you decide to do, we will stick around!

  2. Glad you had a nice relaxing break without blogging. Sometimes that's just what you need. I too sometimes feel lost in the shuffle of the giant blogs but on the other hand being smaller blogs we can disappear if we want to without pressure of that giant fan base or pre scheduled link ups. And you know what else I've noticed? A lot of them are all doing the same things! We just have to stay true to ourselves and as bloggers we'll be okay.

  3. One reason I think I haven't gone insane with blogging yet is that after I've posted, commented, edited the next post, etc etc, I close the computer and am done with it for the day. I don't instagram every moment or try to involve every part of my life into my blog. I think that having that balance and really allowing myself to enjoy those other parts of my life are what keep me enjoying my blog, otherwise I would feel completely burnt out updating twitter/facebook/etc every 5 minutes with a photo of my lunch (which is never exciting anyway).

    I'm glad you're going to stick with blogging! I enjoy reading your blog, and like Two Birds said, I think it's the personality of the blogger that keeps things interesting. There are some "big" bloggers out there that are seriously snooze-worthy.


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