Thrifty Furnishing

As if I need more reasons to go thrifting, I now have a house to furnish and can't help but let my imagination run away with me when I see crappy tables, chairs, and lamps just begging to be refurbished like I see so many of my blogging friends take on (and make look so easy!). It's up for debate whether I will be the next reupholstery expert or if our house would just look like a middle school craft fair, but sometimes I'm lucky enough to see things that are in great shape, look cool, and actually match our decor. It's probably better that way.

Enter these end tables found on a lunchtime jaunt to Goodwill.

end tables

When I saw these hanging out by the register, I was actually lugging a DIFFERENT end table up to the check out line, but I pretty much gasped and dropped it once I saw these. Despite a little dust, they are a solid set of awesome looking end tables, and for fifteen bucks each I couldn't pass them up.




It was hard to not go back to the office and gush about my find as to not look like a crazy hoarder lady, so I guess thats what blogs are for. 


  1. LOVE THOSE!!! So unique, I love all the details. Great find :)

  2. These are so gorgeous! They look really solid, and the design in them is so cool. It reminds me of something you'd find in one of those historical cathedrals in Europe, but perfectly toned done for a house!

  3. oh my goodness...i love them! what a find. i love that you dropped another table when you saw them. i would have done the same thing!

  4. Those are very cool and unique. You are gonna clean up in the home decor department with all the good bargains you are able to find!

  5. They are awesome and you have a great eye for this stuff. I love how you kept it simple. great job, girl. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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