Little Red Dress

OK, I know I said I was committed to the whole blogging thing this year. Really, I am! Sometimes.

Maybe I should have modified that with a) when the mood strikes, b) I'm feeling creative, c) I actually like my outfit and have some time to take photos before I get home and cozy up in yoga pants and a hoodie, or d) I have new clothes to show off.

Lucky for you, today is all of the above!

Several weekends ago, my family came down to spend some time with us, celebrate my dad's birthday, and of course, to see this new house of ours. While Ian and my Dad were bonding watching Lincoln, my mom, sister, and I bonded in our favorite way--shopping. DUH! It was a successful day spent in Woodbridge of all places, as we toured a new thrift store (B Thrifty-meh), returned to an old favorite (Savers-yay!), and discovered the amazingness that is Potomac Mills. 

I filled up my basket at Savers with some new tops and decor for the home (the paintings from my previous post!) but was especially excited to pull this dress out of the racks. I'm just assuming it's vintage--who knows! It feels vintage. But it also seems handmade, as there are no tags to be found. Either way, I loved the color and pattern, and ended up fitting pretty darn good.

Speaking of awesome red things--notice that FABULOUS red radio lurking in the corner? That was a Christmas present from my dad, an avid antique radio collector and enthusiast. It's a real vintage Motorola radio from 1956 that he bought and fixed up so that it really works! Thanks Pa!


  1. And I suppose that cute little quilted piece under the radio was made by your mother!

  2. Like father like daughter. That vintage radio is awesome. Cute dress. You def look vintage.

  3. What an adorable dress, it looks amazing on you! How sweet and thoughtful is your Dad to buy, and then fix up, a gift like that for you? Your new home and thrifty decor looks great. xo

  4. what a darling dress! i love it on you! and that radio is amazing. what a nice gift!

  5. The color of that dress is so pretty! It probably is vintage, especially because its handmade..everybody made their clothes back then. I would say late 60s/early 70s? That radio is awesome, what a great gift.

  6. You're so pretty and that dress is amazing! Lovin it!
    Oh that's definitely the cutest radio I've ever seen, I had no idea Motorola was that old!


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