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I have a huge problem with motivation. Who doesn't? You never hear anyone complain that they are just too motivated and get too much done. If they did, Pinterest would fail miserably because people would spend less time pinning and more doing. HA! The thought. 

Actually, it seems like there are some people who don't have an issue like this. Like Ian. I sure envy people like my husband who, when they put their mind to things, will do it. And get it done. And pay no attention to their wife trying to tickle them, sing for them, or distract them in any way. 

Personally, I get motivated in very brief spurts, and they are usually at the most inconvenient times. For example, today at work I got a huge streak of motivation for a string of blog topics, overhauling my Etsy shop, and a blog makeover. Too bad I wasn't able to get a start on any of these things until now, when all I want to do is go to sleep.

After a week of feeling particularly unmotivated, last Sunday evening I met up with some of my favorite blogger gal pals Stephie and Madeline for dinner. We all seem to share common blogger frustrations, so it's always refreshing to get together and bounce ideas around not only for our blogs but also for our personal projects and life topics. I left feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle my blogging to-do list, but I fell right back into the daily grind on Monday which leaves zero energy for creative things by the end of the day. I like to think that I could never be a full-time blogger/photographer/Etsy entrepreneur because I love having a job and having a routine where I'm out of the house, but maybe I'm a little bit jealous of those who are lucky to do what they love full time and be able to make a living off of it. It baffles me, but that is awesome. OK and yes, I am way jealous! 

However, the thought of having a blog that people pay me to write would mean that I couldn't fall off the face of the blogosphere for days at a time and then come back and complain that I haven't been motivated to do it. Ah, it's give and take! 

I guess the point of this post is kind of to complain, but also to ask how you do it. How my friends with successful blogs find the motivation to sit down and do something they love, even when they might not feel like doing it. And I don't even want to limit it to blogging--also for working out, reading books, doing projects, you know. Things that are much harder than parking on the couch in  front of the TV for the evening. I want to hear your wisdom!

So until next time friends, I'll leave you with an inspirational quote that I searched for on Pinterest for 15 minutes:


  1. I think when something feels more like work than fun, there's no motivation to do it. I really enjoy blogging and all the wonderful things that have happened to me from blogging!

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  2. motivation comes and goes with me...but i also have super strong will power. so with stuff like working out, i just force myself to do it and usually feel better afterwards for doing it. guilt...it's called guilt! have a great weekend!


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