Ian's Autumn Coddle

I know you already know this, but my husband is awesome.

Not to mention the most handsome man in the world, but anyway. The man can also cook. Like, really cook! Things like pumpkin soup, an amazing Irish feast, and more recently, this fantastic apple, sausage, and cabbage stew--or Autumn Coddle, as Ian has officially dubbed it.

I never know what Ian is going to whip up when he tells me he's cooking dinner, and I am always amazed at what he manages to come up with. This stew was absolutely perfect for a Fall day and was so delicious and filling. Since Ian is more of a 'make it up as you go' type of chef, we usually only get to experience each of his amazing creations one time because they are soon lost to memory. However, I asked him to write this one down. You know, for his wife's blog for posterity!

And now I present to you, Autumn Coddle.

Autumn Coddle
Recipe and Narrative by Ian

1 bag shredded cabbage
3 cups of apple cider
1 cup of white wine
2 large carrots, cubed
2 cans of beef broth

2 potatoes, cubed
1 onion, sliced into rings
1/2 lb ground turkey
12 oz sausage
1 tsp salt
1 apple, thinly sliced

1. First, I allowed put the cabbage in a pot and allowed it to soak in the apple cider and wine for 1 1/2 hours. Then I turned it on medium heat and added the carrots. I allowed this to simmer throughout the entire cooking process.

2. Next, I put 1 can of beef broth in a deep pan and turned it on high heat. As it started to simmer, I added the cubed potatoes and onion rings. 
When about half the broth had boiled off, I turned the cast iron skillet on medium heat. After it heated sufficiently, I added the ground turkey and sausage. It cooked until browned on the outside.

3. Then, I added the meat to the potatoes and poured the other can of beef broth over top, mixing the contents together with a wooden spoon. I added the salt at this point.

4. After the beef broth mostly boiled off, I poured the cabbage into a strainer to get rid of the extraneous cider, then added it to the meat and potatoes.

5. Finally, I mixed all of the contents and added the thinly sliced apples to the dish.

The end.

Delish. Isn't he the best?


  1. I'm vegetarian so won't be making this, but that pumpkin soup has me enticed! :D I love a man that can cook... thankfully my husband is much better in the kitchen than I am, so he usually has dinner started when I get home from work. Coming home to the smell of food is amazing!!

  2. what a great husband you have. i cook the same way, and chris is always telling me to measure and write it down so i know how to do it again. but i never do. kudos to ian for actually keeping track!!

  3. Brenda your Ian is the best, I agree. You and I are both spoiled this way. My husband is off this week and I have had some of the best soup and muffins ever. We are so fortunate. This looks really hardy and I love hardy. Go Ian!!! Dawn suitcase vignettes

  4. We are both lucky girls! My husband is the cook too. He whips up all kinds of stuff in the kitchen...me not really. That looks so yummy.


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