Sister Thrifting Adventure

Happy Halloween--We survived the Frankenstorm! I hope all of my readers are safe. We were lucky to get by with no power outage, just one night of rain and wind, lots of wine drinking and scary movie watching, and two days off from work. Not bad.

An impromptu four-day weekend made for several long, fantastic days of laying on the couch and watching TV, and made the Saturday I spent with my sister seem like ages ago! Luckily she hopped on the bus just in time to avoid traveling through the storm and got home safe and sound.

On Saturday after our hike through the beautiful Fall scenery, we came home and got ready for round two of the day: thrift store hopping! If there is anyone who is just as into the thrill of a thrift store just as much as me (or possibly even more), it's my sister. 

Our first stop was Auntie Te's in Annandale, VA. Ian was actually the one to discover this place a long time ago when he happened to be in the area for a training for work. He texted me a picture of the front of the store, saying that the place looked like the inside of my closet, which could either mean the place was a mess, or full of awesome clothes. We'll just go with the latter.

Turns out this place WAS full of awesome clothes. And shoes...and bags...and jewelry...

This place was packed with high-end name brand items, but consignment shops tend to be a little pricy for my liking. Auntie Te's was no different, but is definitely a place that I could see myself coming back to if I needed a great outfit for work or for an interview. 

If you're looking for name brand clothes for less than half retail price, and don't want the hassle of having to pick through a crowded thrift store, Auntie Te's is definitely your spot. However. Emily and I enjoy the thrill of the chase. I was willing to bet that Savers, our next stop in Woodbridge, would likely have the exact same brands for fractions of the price. We would just have to dig.

Challenge accepted.

I had heard about Savers from several of my DC area thrifters, and knew that a weekend with Emily would be a great time to check it out. With her on a college student budget, and me on a salary-but-still-spends-like-a-college-student budget, we would have a field day.

Um, YES. This place rocks. Savers is fairly new, so it's very clean and surprisingly organized--I'm talking sorted by size, that just doesn't happen in thrift shops! The snazzy little shopping basket/cart was the perfect thing to maneuver in and out of the aisles but was quickly overloaded with clothes from Express, Banana Republic, H&M...you excited yet? If not, get this--the place had FITTING ROOMS. What?!

Luckily I was able to whittle down my picks to a handful of new toys that came to 18 bucks, including this $5.99 Banana Republic top.

I have officially found my new favorite Northern VA thrifting spot.

Don't you love that feeling?


  1. Love the last top, LOVE it!

    Umm, do I get a cookie now? ;-)

  2. There is a Savers in the town I'm from and I always go when I visit... it's the best! Two stories piled high with awesome used stuff. That Banana Republic top is so cute... great find :)

  3. i love savers, i have two within a few miles of my house! and the thrill of thrifting isn't just you...i love it, and can in fact spend hours at a thrift store.

  4. Auntie Te- how have I never heard of it?! I work in Annandale!! I want to go to there.

    I am obsessed with Savers (as you already know) and I'm so glad you got a chance to get out to the 'hoodbridge and found great stuff while there! I'm planning on going there soon with my sister- you should join us! :)

    1. You would love Auntie Te's! It's perfect for classy professional gals like ourselves. :) The decor is so fun too! Let me know when you are planning to adventure to Savers, I'd definitely be in!

  5. Brenda how fun! I love savers although we don't have one near us. Love your pile of loot...colorful! Glad you are safe too. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  6. I've lived in Annandale for a little over a year, and I've never seen or heard of this store. But, I love Savers. I don't get there too often because it's so far away.

  7. Oh yeah, Savers! I have spent countless hours there combing the racks. Plus, you gotta love a thrift store where all of the proceeds go to a great charity.


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