An Epiphany and Leather Bracelets

You may have (or probably not have) noticed that I tend to stray away from advertisements, sponsored posts, and the like on this blog. The reason has usually been that while getting free stuff is fun (SO much fun) I never wanted to accept something that I wouldn't buy myself.  I hadn't completely ruled the idea out, but I wanted to be picky when it came to accepting gifts for sponsored posts.

HOWEVER. I started an Etsy shop several months ago, and after experiencing first hand that sales don't magically come in the first (or 30th or 75th) day after posting your stuff, I quickly learned that interacting with the community and supporting your fellow crafters is one of the best things you can do to run a successful business. Literally the day that I had this epiphany, Joey of Sewsephine contacted me about featuring some of her handmade bracelets on the blog. Joey has built up quite an impressive (and completely affordable!) empire of accessories that she sells on Etsy. I love supporting independent businesses, and I obviously love cheap stuff, so I just had to share the love.

I was so excited when the bracelets arrived in the mail a short three days after our initial contact and couldn't wait to show them off with the world. 

 I love Etsy sellers who take the time to put together cute packaging for their products!

Sewsephine's bracelets are so simple but can go great with so many different outfits. I wore the pink one to work on Friday and then out that night for drinks, and then tied the green one with the tassel on today for cleaning around the house and a trip to Trader Joe's. If there is any fashion crime that I will admit to committing, it's falling in love with an accessory and wearing the crap out of it. Every day. The way I see it, I'm just making the best use of what I have, so that I don't have to go out and buy more. 

HA. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Ok but for real. Go check out Sewsephine right now! She is everything I hope to be in an Etsy entrepreneur. (One day, Brenda....one day.)


  1. Those bracelets are really cute! I love shopping on Etsy and getting handmade stuff.

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  2. i love them both...off to check out her store now!

  3. Brenda that pink bracelet looks so pretty on you. What a great model. I love both. Nice of you to represent. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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