Scary Movie Fail

So last night, while flipping through the channels looking for our Thursday night Family Guy fix, I saw that Children of the Corn was on ChillerTV. And it had just started ten minutes earlier. Score.

We had both never seen Children of the Corn. All I knew was creepy kids=no sleep for Bren. But sometimes that's kind of fun, right? Especially around Halloween. And last night was the perfect night for a scary movie: cold, windy, and leaves blowing everywhere.

As we watched, Ian commented on how new the movie looked. I looked at the info and stated that it was made in 1984. But as we watched, we commented on how good quality the movie was--they were using some film techniques that were before its time. Ian, the film guru, was amazed. Bren, the fashion guru, was amazed at how the outfits were surprisingly not outdated. Because fashion makes a full circle, dont'cha know! They were wearing the same clothes back then that we do now! How creepy!

It all seemed a little fishy Ian wondered out loud if there was a Children of the Corn remake. "No!" I refuted, "it says 1984 on the TV! There is no remake!"

As usual, when a movie factoid is in question, Ian pulled up IMDB. 

Turns out we were watching the 2009 made-for-TV Children of the Corn. All of a sudden, it just didn't seem so scary. In fact, it was pretty lame.

So we flipped to On Demand to try and find an actual horror flick. And in doing so, found old episodes of Nickelodeon's Doug. SUPER SCORE.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Curl up and watch a scary movie!


  1. Lol! I just discovered your blog(s) and I enjoy skimming through them. I just thought I would let you know (:

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