The Fun Fairfax Fall Festival

As a general rule of thumb, if an event includes "Fall" and "Festival", I'm there.

This weekend is the big Fairfax Fall Festival (the "Fun" was my own little touch) and I had pretty much been looking forward to it since I googled "Fall Festivals near Fairfax" back in July. It's also been on the calendar since July.

We woke up this morning at the luxuriously late hour of 8:30 am and, ready for the crisp Fall air, layered up my jeans and sweater with my new boots and a jacket. When I stepped outside, Ian said, "I think you have too many clothes on."

Ok, it was a little warm. Warmer than I would have liked. But I had to wear the boots. The sweater stayed too. Let's just say things were a little toasty.

Yes, those are shorts you see.

OK, so they were very toasty. But we so enthralled by the antiques we didn't even notice.

And then I saw alpacas.

Of course, there was an abundance of apples and pumpkins.

And then we ate some delicious pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs, and it didn't even matter because we had already sweated off the calories! Win-win!

Fall Festival=success. Then, after braving the Northern Virginia traffic across down, I got my hairs cut. Photos coming soon!

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