The Funky Junkie Goes to Work

You know you're a blogger when you dress for the day with your blog in mind. Only problem is, usually by the time I'm dressed in the morning for work Ian is already long gone down the road to school, which means no photographer. I've tried several times to master the self-timer-on-top-of-the-trash-can, but it usually fails.

So sometimes I snap phone pictures of myself when I'm enjoying the morning commute.

But yesterday, when Ian had a the day off, was finally the day I got some real photos of my working woman attire! Of course, this might have meant I picked out my outfit with a little extra care...

Nevertheless, I love having a job where I get to dress up (although I sometimes feel a tad overdressed!). Having only ever worked in a restaurant-related jobs, I'm now getting used to a job where my day consists of mostly of sitting in a chair, with a few trips to the printer and copy machine thrown in there. But I love skirts and heels and pretty shirts. And good hair days. And that I don't come home from work smelling like hamburgers.

I found this H&M skirt at the State College Goodwill several years ago. It's been one of those items that cycles its way in and out of my life. Now that skirts have become a weekly routine, it's found a lasting place again in my wardrobe. I love pairing it with this vintage-y looking top from Kohl's; it kind of reminds me of what you'd see on a 1970's tux.

I also love that it's Fall, and that this weekend we will be in our hometown for homecoming weekend, which means football for Ian, and spa for the Saylor ladies. Let's make this week go fast!


  1. You are just too adorable, Brenda! :) And I'm sooo glad you tried that Salmon and loved it!! That is seriously one of my favorite recipes ever. Have a grea week girl!!

  2. Really liking your new haircut, plus the outfits are pretty darn cute too :) I couldn't figure out why there were balloons all over campus and so many people coming into town this week-then I remembered it's homecoming! Hope you and Ian have a good visit home (and safe travels)!


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