I Have A Crush...

Yesterday, someone at work told me I reminded them of Zooey Deschanel.

Incidentally, it was one of the same girls who told me she didn't like my hair yesterday, which sparked a middle-school-drama-esque/hormones induced meltdown on the phone with my mom ("Mommy! She made fun of my hair!"). But I suppose the Zooey comment evens everything back out.

But for real. That's probably the best compliment I've ever received, even though I wouldn't say I agree. For one thing, my eyes are way too small.


And my hair is certainly nowhere near as fabulous.


But fr'eal. I know I'm not the only one who has a girl crush. I know I'm not the only one who bought 500 Days of Summer on demand and watched it three times. In a row. And then raved to my boyfriend about how good it was and made him watch it with me again and want to break out into dance when I hear Hall and Oates on my ipod.

Or who blasts She and Him on my way to work in the morning and sings along like I'm bopping in a coffeehouse. 

Have you watched New Girl? It's not that good. Really, it's not. But somehow I always end up watching old episodes on Hulu that I missed because there's just something about Zooey that is so enticing. 

Eek, she's just so ADORABLE!


She truly inspires me and the outfits I wear to work. Lots of polka dots, tights, and dresses. For instance, yesterday I was wearing a red polka dot skirt (that was once a Goodwill find for a Minnie Mouse costume) which I think might have sparked the comment. Let's just say I walked with a little extra bounce in my step every time I got up to get coffee!

Unfortunately, I can copy her outfits 'till the cows come home, but I will never, ever be able to pull off her perfect bangs. Sigh. I hate her like poison. 


In other news, Ian must have caught wind of my girl crush because he cooked me dinner last night.

Which is almost as good as perfect bangs. Right?


  1. I know this wasnt really the focus of the blog post but that dinner looks awesome! Good job husband!

  2. I think what keeps me watching 'new girl' (once in a while) is that I want to imagine it's better than it really is because she's in it!

  3. I have a girl crush on her, too :) hehehe


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