An Unplugged Weekend in PA

Ah, my late shift days at work. Sleeping in, lounging in the morning, arriving home when it's time to go to bed, and seeing the husband for about two hours.

On the upside, I've got time for blogging!

This weekend we had a lovely time in our central PA hometown, and let me tell you, after being away from home for as long as I ever have been, it was a much-needed return. Being in the comfort of the town that I was so ready to get out of two months ago was an odd feeling. Approaching the exit on the highway to drive down the familiar roads, where most things have gone unchanged. Seeing neighbors at the store, eating lunch at a favorite childhood spot, Mom's sticky buns on Saturday morning, coffee with girlfriends, and a night on the town with more girlfriends, including one that made a surprise trip home. Poppyseed roll from Aunt Joan and baked goods from my sister, Sunday morning in the church that we hadn't been in since our wedding day, and brunch in Amish country with Ian's family. And of course, the trip to the spa on Saturday morning wasn't bad either.

I brought my camera, but didn't really take any photos for the weekend. Sometimes, I get caught up in documenting my life for the sake of the blog, rather than for myself. Sometimes, it's nice to enjoy your days through your own eyes, and not through the camera lens.

Maybe it makes for boring blog posts, but sometimes it really is nice to spend a weekend unplugged.

(Although I did snap a few shots of the pretty trees on the way home.)

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