It's a Pumpkin Day

If you take one look around the blogosphere, I think it's safe to say that there isn't a soul out there who doesn't love Fall. It's official. 

Last week, I pretty much thought that the weather would never dip below 70 degrees here at the Brodie Abode, thus meaning that I couldn't wear my new boots, scarves, blazers, and tights. But today, I got to wear all four! It was even a decent hair day, despite the rain. Welcome, October!

Blazers are by far one of my favorite thrifty finds because they are so easy to turn from grandma-licious to fabulous. They are also perfect for those days when it's chilly enough to need some coverage, but not time to break out the winter coat yet. This one is a vintage Peabody House blazer I found at the State College Goodwill for probably less than eight bucks. The purple pashmina is from a NYC street vendor that my mommy scored for me, and the boots were a recent Marshall's find.

Ian and I arose this morning, put on our Sunday best, sold our car, then hightailed our chilly selves to Starbucks for a pre-church pumpkin spice latte date. A very productive morning, I must say!

This photo just needed to be in black and white.

With plenty of time to kill, we perused the stores that were bedazzled with Autumn goods...

...and after our post-church Giant stop (and convincing Ian that canned pumpkin and chocolate chips were absolutely a necessary purchase) I whipped up some Fall goodness in the form of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And get this: they didn't turn out crumbly, runny, or yucky. Nope, no blog-worthy tales there, other than that they are absolutely perfect and you must bake them. Today.

Best enjoyed with a glass of milk/cup of coffee/mug of tea/loved one at your side.

It sure is a pumpkin day.


  1. Really liking your scarf/blazer color combination there-and very glad you convinced Ian pumpkin and chocolate were a "need"!

  2. i'm not a huge pumpkin fan but the cookies look tasty enough to try. oh and love the outfit!


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