I hope this title caught you off guard!

I also hope that everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Ian and I traveled home for a long weekend in PA, and I must say that after several days spent with the family, old friends, a day outlet shopping in Chocolate Town USA (aka, Hershey PA) and stumbling across a kick-ass consignment shop was just the mini-vacation I needed.

So about the blog post title. No, my new job has not driven me to smoke. I'm talking about cigarette PANTS, an item that I have been longing for for months and months. After my previous post lamenting about boxy dress pants, cigarette pants are the perfect cross between classy and casual, perfect for hot summer days when you want to show a wee bit of ankle (SCANDALOUS!) and still look pulled together. 

When I walked into the Gap Outlet, I wasn't expecting to have much luck as I never seem to do at outlets, but I was drawn to a rack of 50% black tapered pants. And they are absolutely perfect! 

 I was also lucky to score some new tops at the Ann Taylor Loft outlet, another store I have always loved from afar, but never took the plunge with any pricey purchases. This particular top was actually a hand me down from my mom, but I also scored a similarly cute tank top for only $9.99. 

 You might also notice a new bag--this was a steal at $2.00 from Wears Like New, the consignment shop we stopped in. Yes, you read that right--$2.00. Stay tuned for some more info on this bag this week. 

Anyone else score some sweet Labor Day deals?


  1. Total scandal. :) I did pick up a pair of pants too this weekend. YAY!

  2. Those look so great on you! I want a pair too!

    This weekend in PA, we scored a bunch of vintage in Bellefonte in terms of clothes, and I also got a new Pyrex mixing bowl (to replace one my husband had dropped) and some new undergarments (necessity!)

    It was a great weekend to be in PA, yes?


  3. I love stumbling upon consignment stores! One of my favorite hobbies ;) I too love cigarette pants, I've bought 3 pairs in the past 2 weeks! They're great for short girls like me, who are used to walking on their hems!


    1. Aren't they the best? I'm pretty much convinced that they look good on everyone!

  4. Your title definitely caught my attention (wait, what? this lovely, intelligent young lady is talking about WHAT?) then made me chuckle.

    Great scores, love the trousers and bag!

    1. Haha! Glad you weren't turned off by the title. :)

  5. The pants look great on you! Unfortunately I didn't get to do any Labor Day shopping but I heard there were some really good sales.

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  6. You look gorgeous! I really like this outfit on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. $2 purse! Major score. I got some sandals at Macy's for $12 that were originally $49 then reduced to 50% and I got 75% of that. I also found a cute tank at Abercrombie for $11.

  8. Brenda that is just what you needed, shopping, family and cigs. They look great on you, perfect fit. Love the happy face photo of you...very cute. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  9. Yes, the title DID throw me! Your pants look great, though! I got a few great things at my favorite thrift shop this weekend, mostly fall stuff that's still too warm to wear!


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