It's a Cinch

There is something that I just love about outfits that accentuate the waist. No, I'm not talking about shirts that are too tight that show your extra cookie bulge. I mean your actual waist, you know, where women used to hike up their pants to in the 80s?
The great thing is that not only is the high-waisted look back in full force, but it's easy to pull off the look without being dowdy. I love skirts worn at the waist with a pretty shirt tucked in. However, the skirts that I bought at the peak of my wedding bod have unfortunately become a little snug, and I've been resorting to wearing the dress pants that I bought before wedding season that now fit me again. (Yay?)
I dont know about you, but I've never really been into dress pants. I dont know if I've got a weird body or am just not buying the right kind, but I just feel like they are so unflattering. Hugging at the butt but no where else and just overall boxy. I just can't help but feel like I'm back in my working at Wegmans or server days when I wear black pants. However, instead of a polyster polo or white button down shirt, I try and wear tops that I can nip in the waist to show at least a little of my girly figure.

Now for the breakdown of this outfit.You've seen the striped top in previous posts, and this pink sweater/shrug is Express brand that I found at Unique. This belt actually came with the striped shirt, but I rarely wear it. However, it was the perfect thing to pull the outfit together today so I didn't look like a giant rectangle. I know it's still August and as much as I would like to dress like Fall has arrived, this outfit was a little cozy when I stepped outside for lunch today, but was perfect inside the arctic tundra of the office. 

Also--how about this bracelet?!

I found this in Bethlehem, PA last month at an adorable little accessories shop (where I also bought sunglasses that broke a few days later--sad face). It's another one of those things that I wear at least once a week. Big baubley accessories have that affect on me.


  1. That belt is the perfect way to pull your outfit together! I, too, hate dress pants. In fact, I don't think I even own a single pair since my teaching days. I've decided I'm a skirts-and-dresses girl with occasional jeans days. I just feel prettier. :)

  2. I'm not really that into dress pants either. I much prefer my skinny black pants instead.Love the colorful striped top and that bracelet is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Brenda miss perfect posture, I hear ya about dress pants. I'd rather wear a dress or skirt. Thank God for belts, I belt everything anymore. Great picture of you and great mix of colors...so vibrant and you can wear that hot pink in Fall. Have a great weekend...congrats on 70. You are awesome! dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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