The Thirsty Games

So obviously seeing The Hunger Games was the big to-do for everyone in the world this weekend. Ian purchased our tickets online earlier in the week, and I was ready to be completely surprised as I had absolutely no idea what the story was about. You might say I hop on bandwagons. And I might say you're right.

We arrived at the movie theatre on Friday night with twenty minutes to spare, and spent those twenty minutes (plus about twenty more) driving around the parking lot looking for a place to park, dodging other fools who didn't get to the movie an hour early--Heaven forbid--having numerous near-death experiences as we fought for parking spaces. It was like The Hunger Games, Parking Lot Edition. I told Ian that driving around in a parking lot and not finding any space was probably what Hell is like.

Anyway. We FINALLY found a space after stalking a family right after they exited the theatre all the way back to their car, awkwardly waiting in the lane and blocking cars behind us so that we could shimmy on in there when they pulled out. Having already missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie, we ran inside and handed our printed out tickets to the lady at the counter.

The machine beeped at her when she scanned Ian's credit card. It beeped when she tried again. She called over her manager, who looked at the tickets with a frown.

"You didn't actually buy the tickets."


The guy leaned over and pointed to where it said in big bold letters: 'YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!'

Oh gosh.

Naturally, I burst into giggles, even though I knew it wasn't funny. Ian frantically scanned his emails on his phone to see if he had actually clicked here to purchase. Turns out....whoops.

The movie theatre folks tried to find us extra tickets, but the movie was, unfortunately, completely sold out.

We could have sulked and gotten in the car and gone home. But we had spent forty minutes in that damn parking lot. That space was prime real estate, and unless some bumbling fool was about to pay a hefty mortgage, we were staying put.

So we went and had some drinks. And thus, the Thirsty Games commenced. 


  1. hahahah what a hilarious post!! i mean, not fun for not getting the tickets--- but at least you made a good night out of it anyway!

  2. Oh bummer! What a let down. That is exactly why I usually avoid the opening week melee. We actually went to see 21 jump street yesterday. Don't even ask me why 'cause I have no clue. The hubs wanted to go.

  3. hahaha oh man that sucks! If my bf did that I would be so bummed out since I read the books so I was really looking forward to it! But that's awesome that yall made the best out of it.
    I hear people that didn't read the books dont like it as much as those that did read the books, so you probably didn't miss too much!



  4. That stinks that you were so close to the movie and then couldn't see it! At least you made the best of it with drinks :) I haven't caught the Hunger Games obsession...I'm probably one of the few people that don't really have the desire to see it!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Oh, goodness! Maybe it was all for the best; you might not have found a seat together in such a crowded theater! And who doesn't love getting drinks instead?

  6. Sounds so much more fun! Haven't gotten into The Hunger Games, but apparently I'm missing out. Whatevs..

  7. You both made the best of a bummer situation. sorry, you will see it eventually right? Cute pic, yummy cocktail. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. Oh no! Haha, I would have laughed too because that's something I would do... I hate how sites make you click 8 billion times before everything is finalized.

    Love the title to this! :) Glad you guys grabbed some drinks and had a good night regardless... it probably would have been way too crowded anyway ;)

  9. this is hilarious!Just found your blog! I love it! You have a new follower! But seriously. You have to see it soon!!!

    Check out my blog?



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