Polka Dot Perfection

I walked away from Sunday's thrifting adventure with a bag full of new goodies. 

This bright red polka dot scarf was the very first thing I picked up, mostly just because it was red and polka dot, but also because there are so many things that you can do with a long, thin scarf like this. My first thought was to use it as a belt, and I immediately began thinking of how I was going to wear it to work the next day. I also found this perfect gray skirt, so when I wasn't able to sleep on Sunday night because of daylight savings, I lay there visualizing all my tops and which one I could match up with the belt and skirt. (What...thinking about outfits doesn't keep you up at night?)

I was dragging like crazy at work yesterday, like dragging beyond the point that even several cups of coffee couldn't fix. But the good news is that it was still light enough outside when I got home that I could make my husband take pictures of me! The joys of being a blogger spouse!

Side note: I put runs in every.single.pair. of my panty hose, so I have to wear black tights until I invest in new ones.  

How would you wear this scarf? I can't wait to get creative. It kind of makes me want to run away to Disney World and go hang with Minnie Mouse.

Photos from here, here, here and here


  1. SUPER CUTE! It looks so cute as a belt...and I think wearing it in your hair would be really cute too!

  2. Ah, so cute! I would not have thought to wear a scarf like that. And I totally think of outfits when I can't sleep.

  3. I like the scarf as a belt! Very grown up Minnie Mouse!

  4. Oooo! I would love to see it in the hair!

  5. That polka dot scarf is adorable! Very creative how you wore it as a belt. Sometimes I have dreams about my outfits, clearly I'm thinking about them too much!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. i love this scarf! you're right, there are so many possibilities! i love it as a belt. and yes, when i can't sleep, i sometimes plan outfits.

  7. Sometimes when I have a hard time sleeping I sit and envision outfits too. Usually I'll come up with something brilliant only to fall asleep and forget what it was. :)

    The Suburb Experiment


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