Honeymoon Week: The Wining and the Dining

Yesterday, Ian and I had a particularly disheartening look at our budget for the next two months from which we basically concluded that we won't be buying any groceries, gas, or entertainment until the first paycheck rolls in at the end of September.

Oh, young love.

So let's take a little stroll down memory lane to two weeks ago, when we were wining and dining at the Jewel Dunn's River Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Because I've been wanting to recap our honeymoon for you guys (I'm sure you're just dying to know) and maybe if I look at the photos of the fresh, juicy mango and the crispy, savory brick oven pizza it will be just like eating it...

First, let me do a quick review of The Jewel. Um, PARADISE.

Have you ever seen water that blue, other than on screen savers and The Travel Channel?

We picked this resort, which used to be owned by Sandals, not only because of the sheer number of outstanding reviews it had received on Expedia, but also because we booked early enough (Thanksgiving) to get a stellar rate. It all seemed too good to be true-- which we kept thinking throughout the entire week we were there. Surely there had to be something that would happen or go wrong, because no way can a place so perfect exist.

Can we talk about the food? The resort had 3 sit-down restaurants...

...a buffet and a brick oven pizza joint...

...and on top of that, had nights where there were buffets on the beach and six-course meals on the pier.

A quick recap: we ate all the time, we were never actually hungry because we ate all the time, and then we ate some more.

And then we drank a lot, and said "adios" to our wedding bods within the first 24 hours of being there.
Ian's favorite--the Jamaican Smile.

A coconut literally fresh off the tree.

And those fresh juicy mangos?

Wining and dining, indeed.

But pasta and soup for dinner are just as good, right?

More honeymoon tales coming soon, folks. But until then--how do you like the new look? 


  1. Beautiful pictures! the water is so blue and all of the food looks awesome!

    We honeymooned in ocho rios as well (in February) - such a fun, relaxing location - I didn't think anyone we interacted with could have been nicer!

  2. I agree! Everyone there was so genuinely interested in taking care of us, without seeming like all they wanted was a tip. By far the best hospitality I have ever encountered. Where in O.R. did you stay?

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