Goin' To the Chapel: The Rehearsal

After the whirlwind decorating session at the Elk's Club on Friday afternoon, my family and Ian and I stopped at The Pump Station in Boalsburg for some "lunch": aka scones and coffee. An acceptable lunch in the Saylor life.

Time was ticking away, so we hurried home so we could freshen up (read: I could wipe away the layers of sweat from the humid summer day and make myself look presentable) and I could finally put on my rehearsal dress that I had bought in San Antonio over spring break. 

I came downstairs as the out of town family members were starting to arrive, and when I caught a glimpse of Ian all dazzled up, I got a wave of excitement. Dang, he was handsome. And I got to marry him.
All photos are courtesy of the lovely Kasey Cannon, the only one who remembered to bring a camera.

We had told everyone to arrive at the church at 5:45 sharp so we could start at 6. And then we arrived around 6 and were the last ones there--whoops. However, there was nothing like walking into the church, looking around at all of our closest friends, some that we hadn't seen in months and just realizing over and over that this was for our wedding! This was for us! 
And we looked thrilled.

We all lined up and got into place and off we went!

The musicians played our walk out song - How Sweet it Is (to be Loved by You) - and we practiced recessing. And then it was a run through from the beginning!

But first--I had to don the bridal shower attire crafted by the bridesmaids. It really enhanced the look, I think.

Me and my daddy walked down the aisle...

and left me with my man.

We practiced our ring-putting-on skills...

And then we were married! Just like that. Not really though.

Surprisingly, the whole thing went incredibly smoothly and everyone felt good about their places for the next day!

So where did we have our rehearsal dinner? A fancy country club? A stuffy sit-down restaurant? 

Aw hell no. It was time for a Mexican fiesta at Rey Azteca.

We ate, drank, laughed, and cried, and it was perfect. Especially when our parents made speeches...

I won't lie--after we decided to have the rehearsal dinner here, I saw the Mexican restaurant scene in Bridesmaids and was a little wary.

But all was well and everyone made it to the next day.


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! (Not the scene from Bridesmaids, however that is a great movie.) And I think it is perfectly acceptable for you to show up "around six." It was practically your day, after all.


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