Everyone Loves Lucy

A good friend of mine alerted me to yesterday's Google homepage--in honor of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, the graphic was an interactive vintage TV where you could view several iconic I Love Lucy clips. So fun!

I grew up with a mom who is a HUGE Lucy fan, so naturally as her daughter, I followed suit. I wrote about her for my 5th grade biography project, painted her portrait in 8th grade art class, and donned a 1950s dress and bright red wig for a 9th grade report. 

Has anyone else been indulging in Hallmark's I Love Lucy marathon all weekend? In an time where humor is defined by profanity and sex, it's refreshing to be taken back to a more simple era of television. Not to mention fantastic fashion! 

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  1. I'm still watchin! :) She just plowed through the tulip bed! hahahahahah!


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