Three Ways to Wear Snazzy Shorts

Summer is finally here, which means time for sunshine, evenings on the deck, awesome thunderstorms, and SHORTS! Yay, finally the season where I can show off my perfect legs and have to remember to shave at least once week! Said no one ever.

Shopping for shorts has always been a pain for me. They are always too long, too baggy in some areas, too tight in others, or too expensive for something that I'll only wear several months out of the year. So when I find a pair of shorts that are perfect, I wear the crap out of them. In my summer shopping adventures, I was so excited to see that shorts with fun prints on them are all the rage this year! Such a nice break from my go-to jorts. When my fellow blogging buddies Stephie and Madeline and I were trying to think up a summer trend to feature for our seasonal posts, we threw around several ideas before deciding on printed shorts. So much fun, so many options, and easy to dress up or down!

I was so excited to find these Ann Taylor shorts at Goodwill for $3.99 on a lunchtime thrifting trip-- definitely one that I went back to the office to brag about. Did people care? Probs not. I sure have been getting some good wear out of these puppies with all of these toasty days we've been having. I love that shorts with a looser fit is in and daisy dukes are out because it makes me feel like I can wear heels and not look like a hooch.

I would say with all of our snazzy shorts, curly hair, and funky jewelry we are ready for the weekend! Happy Friday everyone, and don't forget to stop by Thrift and Style and Style Me Thrifty to say hello!


  1. I love all of your looks! I don't have any printed shorts, but they are so fun! I might have to get on that...

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  3. Nice stems! ;) Thanks for teaming up again! Are those Toms wedges? I've been wanting to try some on. They look so cute/comfortable.

    1. Thank you! Nope, not Toms--just knockoffs from the clearance rack at DSW and unfortunately nowhere near as comfortable as they look...

  4. I love how all three of us paired wedges with our shorts! Guess thrifty minds think alike?? Great $4 find on those Goodwill shorts, Brenda!

  5. Very cute. I only have like one pair but from here on out when I buy more I think I'll go for the prints. I'm still not ready to wear prints on pants but I can definitely do shorts.

  6. love em!! they are so fun, look great, and also look comfy. win win win!! happy friday!

  7. You look so cute! So many great pieces!

  8. Love those thrifted shorts! You look adorable :)


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