As the summer months quickly approach, I'm stuck in the age-old conundrum of dressing for hot and humid summer days spent working inside a freezing cold office. Either you dress for the outside weather in a cute dress and freeze inside with little to keep you warm but a cardigan, or you dress for the inside and sweat on the way to and from your car (and mess up your hair--ain't nobody got time for that!)

My favorite compromise has been a long-ish sleeved shirt tucked into a skirt, although I am very close to packing a blanket to keep my legs warm at the office! I mostly took these photos to show off my new favorite necklace that I got from Eastern Market last month. With a statement necklace so perfect for the sunny weather like this it's hard not to wear it every day! Especially when it cost a fraction of the price that these kind of necklaces sell at places like J. Crew for. 

Add some flair to your outfit this summer with one of these fun accessories! Because polka dots and stripes are just sometimes not bold enough.


  1. Should I email you my address so you can send me that necklace? Great, thanks. :) Love it!!

  2. I love your necklace, too! Super cute!

  3. I LOVE the outfit. The necklace is great, but I'm totally in love with the sleeves on that shirt. You look awesome!

  4. you are so darling! i love this outfit, and your necklace is so cute. i always keep a huge vintage cardigan at work, and often end up using it as a blanket on my legs!

  5. Ugh that is SUCH a problem!! I get so annoyed that I'm FREEZING inside and sweating outside. No wonder people get sick in the summer. On the plus side, I love your necklace! It looks perfect with that red shirt.

  6. Haha, that is a conundrum. I vote for the blanket!

    And slippers. And pajama pants, haha!


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