Like Father, Like Husband

I hadn't spent Father's Day with my Dad in a long time. Worst daughter ever? Maybe a little bit. Growing up, it was always on Father's Day that I went to summer camp. In high school, I always left for the annual beach trip with my youth group on Father's Day. Then college happened, and then I got married and moved away. Of course, I celebrate my Dad every day (dawwwwww!) but always felt bad that his special day always seemed to be overlooked. So this year, my parents came down to spend Father's Day weekend with us in Virginia and we made up for all the lost time. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend with lots of sunshine, a trip to National Harbor, and Father's Day brunch overlooking the Potomac at The Chart House restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. I think Daddy felt the love.

They always say that girls tend to pick men who remind them of their father. When I first met Ian, I remember writing in my journal about how well he got along with my family and especially my dad when he met them for the first time. My dad would always joke about sitting out in the living room polishing his guns when I would bring a boy home, but he kept his guns in the closet that day (even though Ian was the one who actually took me to shoot my first gun after years of refusal--sorry Dad.)

As I got to know Ian better, I became aware of how true it was that I was attracted to someone who had so many of the same qualities as my father. Although different in personality, I noticed things in Ian that had been instilled in me as good qualities with my dad as an example. They are two of the smartest people I know, both dedicated to their work no matter how rough things get. Both men who love God and always encourage me to be a better person. My dad was thrilled to finally have someone in an all-female family to talk football and 'manly things' with, and was giddy when the two of them spent all week fishing together at the Outer Banks.

I am thankful for my father every day, but was especially thankful that I got to spend a weekend with him and my family (except for my sister who is in North Carolina for the summer...we missed her!) to celebrate all he does as a dad. I love you!

(Photo by Meagan Jepson)


  1. Brenda! This made me tear up! So beautiful!

  2. I can relate completely! Except my Dad would proudly show off his collection, not keep them in the closet, haha :) It's so nice to have a husband and father that truly like each other, I'm glad you have that, too!

  3. You're blog is so relate-able & a great read. I always look forward to what you have to post. I appreciate the time you take to share.
    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    I hope that you accept! Thanks for the great blogging that you do!


  4. That photo from your wedding is absolutely darling. I hope you have it framed! I love how you two are looking at each other.

    This was a really sweet post, and I find that my husband is a lot like my father in some ways too and I love that! :)

  5. Well that was such a nice long awaited fathers day together!! And it's so nice that he loves your hubby. I really was close to you. I was near the Potomac on my vacation.


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