Port City Brewing Company

I have Ian to thank for introducing me to the world of good beer when I was just a little college kid whose knowledge of beer consisted of the stuff I didn't like but forced down at parties. We had been talking about how we wanted to tour a brewery sometime, but I didn't think there were any in our immediate area. I stumbled across the Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, VA when browsing online for something for us to do last weekend and after reading glowing Yelp reviews, booked a tour for Saturday at 5pm. 

$9.00 per person included an approximately 30 minute tour of the facility as well as tickets for a full tasting of all the beers on top (I think it was around five or six). The tour starts in the large tasting room which is anchored by two bars at either end where we checked in, got our first sample, and looked around before they rung a bell to signal that the tour was about to begin. The only rule for the tour: you must start with a full glass of beer, so it was back to the bar we went for our next sample. Then, it was into the brewery we went!

The tour guides--who were both school teachers who worked at the brewery during their summer break--were entertaining and knowledgeable as they guided as through the entire process, making sure that everyone's glasses were full the entire time. After the tour was over, we were directed back to the tasting room where we could hang out and enjoy our remaining samples. Needless to say, after a lot of beer and starting the tour on an empty stomach...I was feeling good.

We moved our evening along to Old Town Alexandria where we enjoyed some dinner and a walk up to the waterfront where we walked off all that beer. The Port City Brewing Company is a must-see for any beer lovers in the DMV area. A great price, amazing (and a lot of) beer, and an educational experience that even this gal can enjoy-- I think we have a winner!


  1. that sounds like a perfect date! how fun!

  2. Mike and I have been there! They make delicious beer. We should take a trip to DC Brau's brewery sometime!

  3. So fun! Let's do this when I finally come down to visit you!!!

  4. Next time I get down to DC I am definitely trying that brewery!

  5. I LOVE Port City! I took Mark there on his birthday last year. We both a) loved the beer and b) loved supporting a local business.


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