Things That Make Me Go Errrrrrmmmppp

I gotta stop peeking at other people's blogs before I start thinking about my ideas for the daily challenge. I always think it'll give me some ideas of my own, but I end up just usually agreeing with whatever I'm reading and then want to write about it myself. But then I can't, because I would be copying. I read Jenni's list of things that make her uncomfortable, and had to stop myself because I agreed with just about everything on her list (especially phone talking! I am NOT a phone talker.)

I thought about picking one out of the many things that make me feel awkward, but let's face it, since I am an awkward person in general there are too many things to pick just one, so a list form would be more fun. Right?

I am VERY particular about my covers when I go to sleep. They have to be perfectly straight, my feet can't be hanging out, the tag can't be on the side where my face is...and then if they are too heavy and I'm hot, then well let's just not even bother TRYING to go to sleep. Crooked and heavy covers LITERALLY make me uncomfortable. 

Pulling up next to people at a stoplight. I want to look over, but know that if I do (and they do too) they will think that I am checking them out, that I am mad at them, or am just a creeper in general. So I just look straight ahead and then feel like they are looking at me. 

Having photos taken of myself. Sometimes I love it, but usually I am super self conscious that my hair is in place, my smile looks OK, and that my outfit doesn't make me look fat, so reverting to a goofy face is really just easiest.

I get super uncomfortable when other people get angry. (As long as it's not with me!) I literally don't know how to respond so I just usually start laughing, which absolutely helps the situation. Example: Ian gets mad at traffic; I laugh. It's really a good trait.

Finally, something that makes me super uncomfortable is those first few minutes when someone comes to our house for the first time, and I get all excited and flustered like a dog who doesn't know if it should pee in the house or run outside. I start running around, taking their coats, talking a mile a minute,  and if I'm in the process of cooking something, then forget it. I can't do it all...and I usually have a hot flash.

I think that's enough awkwardness for one morning. I'll probably continue to think of things I should have added as the day goes on, but I sure can't wait to read about what makes other people uncomfortable.



  1. Lol!! A hot flash! Sad thing is, I totally get them too. You described me to a tee when we have people over

  2. Haha, I can relate to all of these, especially the last one! I am the same way when people come over, and I am a wreck in the hour before people arrive - running around trying to clean up (aka shove everything in the closets...)

  3. I hate pulling up next to people and not knowing which direction to look or to see if they are checking me out!

  4. I too keep looking to see what others have posted before I start doing mine hehe. Can't believe so many people don't like talking on the phone, I thought I was the only one! xx

    The Shutterbug Blog

  5. Social anxiety induced hot flash! I love it...actually not. I do believe it's happened to me before. I've so had that awkward moment where Ive looked at the driver next to me or they did it first then we both look away and silently wonder why we were looking at each other!

  6. Got to admit I feel the same way at stop lights. It's so hard to resist looking at the person next to isn't it?

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. This is so hilarious! I feel the SAME way about the covers and I get weird when people come over for the first time.


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