Happy May: A Re-Introduction!

Almost three years ago, I started this blog as a poor college student who loved to shop at Goodwill. Then, I went from a poor college student who blogged about planning a wedding to being poor newlyweds living in a basement apartment. Now going on two years of marriage with a new house and a car, we might not be 'poor' newlyweds anymore but I still love to shop and live on a budget. Today is Day One of the Blog Every Day in May challenge, and it's a great day to tell the story of my life in 250 words or less as a re-introduction of some sort. Maybe you will learn some things you didn't know. 

Hello friends, I'm Brenda. Pretty sure you already know that.

 As a kid, I talked too much, cried a lot, couldn’t sit still, and didn’t like to sleep. That pretty much still holds true to this day. As does my keen sense of style.

 I was a self proclaimed bandie in high school and could play a mean flute and piano. I was even somehow voted one of the 'most changed since 9th grade' in the senior yearbook, which was funny to me. 

For college, I didn’t fly the coop like many people do, but rather took the safe option of staying in hometown and attended the university right down the street. At first there were times where I regretted that decision, but then some awesome things happened such as meeting my future husband and finding a group of friends through an acapella group that allowed me to break away from the hometown grind. I learned that I loved to sing, loved to write, and loved good beer. 

In September of my senior year, Ian got down on one knee on a bridge in our campus Alumni Garden and we began the process of planning our wedding on top of graduating and looking for jobs and places to live. Tons of stressful nights, job applications, and phone calls later, Ian was offered a job at a top-notch school district in VA and I figured employment would fall into place for me eventually. And it did!

Now, here we are, married for almost two years and still having fun. I do my day job but come home ready for my second job—shopping for bargains, making things, taking pictures, and spending way too much time on the internet.

**Whoops, went a little over 250 words; hope the blog police don't come a-knockin'. :)


  1. i love it! it's nice to get a little sneak peek into your life in 250 words (or more)!

  2. Wow, a post a day in May! This means you will have to find so many different things to talk about...should be interesting!! What a sweet college sweetheart story. I went to school pretty near my hometown and had mixed feelings about it too.

  3. it's good to see you blogging again, Brenda. Looking forward to some great "finds" in May!

  4. Hi, stopping by from the Story of My Life link up! Parts of your story sound so familiar to me... I went to school locally and got engaged in October of my senior year. But I played the clarinet in high school :)

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you are joining the madness that is blogging every day this month. I did something similar out of HS, I was going to move hours from home to attend college but I ended up living at home instead. If I hadn't I wouldn't have met my husband either. Funny how that works out.


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