Sunday Sister Style

If you know my sister Emily, you know that she has impeccable style for a girl of her age.

(What am I saying...she is graduating high school this year...but in my mind, she is still a little bitty fourth grader. Good God, I'm old.)

But really, she is so snazzy. When I was a senior in high school, I was still discovering my style. I was just getting into the whole vintage thing, and while people knew that it was the 'look' I was going for, there are certainly some outfits I look back on that make me cringe. Outfits that I was trying to be creative with thrift store finds, but really just probably made me look homeless.  

While at her age, I was trying to go back in time with my looks, Emily is always somehow ahead of the fashion curve. Like, she somehow is the first to wear things that come in style a year later. Bright neon colors? Funky sunglasses? Pssh...that is so two years ago! She's been wearing bright colored pants before bright colored pants were back in. 

And while other girls of her age are trying to grow up to fast, she manages to look adorable and appropriate at the same time. Welp, now I sound like a mom. In short, she is fabulous and I miss her like crazy.


  1. She looks great in bold colors!


  2. Your little sis is adorable!! Love her outfit. My how they grow don't they? Mine is mid 20's now and I still see her as a little girl sometimes.


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