Movie Night: The Long, Long Trailer

For Easter, my mom got me a DVD set of classic Lucille Ball movies, so on Sunday night when Ian and I returned from our weekend in Pennsylvania, we popped in the one out of four that I have already seen several times.

Lucy and Desi play newlyweds who decide to pack up and live in a trailer as they travel across the country. After convincing her husband to buy a 40 foot-long trailer (which meant they had to get the special hitch for their car...but then they had to get a bigger car to haul the huge trailer...) they set out towards the mountains of Colorado, towing three tons of trailer, wedding presents, and furniture behind them.

There are so many awesome things in this movie I can totally relate to despite the generation gap. For instance, being newlyweds and packing all of our wedding presents into a little apartment. I can't even imagine stuffing everything into a trailer! I particularly laughed when Nicky doesn't understand why they need multiple casserole dishes. Duh. 

Or how about Lucy's amazing style? I know I don't even need to tell you about that.

I'm sure Ian was able to relate to trying to maneuver a large trailer full of stuff through busy city roads and up a steep cliff. Kind of like driving a moving truck on the Capital Beltway?

It's a silly movie, but one that brings back memories of a simpler time. The outfits, the jokes, the decor, the gender roles...Lucy somehow cooks multi-course dinners every night in the teeny tiny kitchen and manages to make it look effortless. Except when she tries to do it while the trailer is moving.

What are some of your favorite old movies?


  1. I want to see this movie Right Now! It looks adorable and I love Lucy & Desi!

  2. I love that photo of them on the sofa! And the idea of her cooking a multi-course meal in a tiny kitchen in a moving trailer- hilarious! It's a cheese-classic, but one of my favorite old movies is An Affair to Remember. Cary Grant is so smooth!

  3. I'm terrible at watching movies, this one looks adorable! I like the picture where she's on the couch, too. I want to copy that outfit!

    The Suburb Experiment

  4. Like the movies..

    .. Kissies


  5. This is pretty cool. I remember watching I Love Lucy in black and white at night with my mom.


  6. I love the same fact about old movies too - simpler times, style and outfits and a sense of certainty unlike present times! Love Lucy! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  7. Had a lovely "Lucille Ball Sunday Night Supper" over at Silver Screen Suppers and loved watching this movie.

    Enjoying your blog - Jenny x


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