So. I cut my hair.

After our trek to Arizona two weeks ago, I decided that once and for all I was done with long hair. Who wouldn't after a twelve hour marathon at the airport, feeling greasy and nasty, and then dancing it up at a wedding reception and having it look a mess by the end?

So when we got home, I decided it had to go. 

Right after the girl chopped it, I LOVED it. I thought I looked so fab and chic. Until the next day when I tried to style it by myself and it didn't look so fab and chic. 

Hence, why I didn't rush to my camera to make Ian take photos of my new hair from every angle because I was so not happy. What was I thinking? Just because of one bad hair day it doesn't mean I had to go hack it all off. Now I looked like a middle age woman with a momcut. 

A little dramatic? Maybe. Because after some experimenting, I figured out that it looks great when it's straight, but also great when I take a strategic combination of the flat iron and the curling iron to it for some easy, breezy, effortless-looking curls. 

All in all, I'm getting used to it. I love that I can drive in the car with the windows down and not care about messing it up. I also love that it dries so much quicker so that I can immediately fry it with all the hot tools. I also think it looks fuller and thicker when it's short.

Maybe I was just in a good mood because Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS! And I got to wear shorts!

Shorts: Kohls
Purse: Vintage
Top: Thrifted

Do you ever experience hair-cutting remorse? Tell me about your worst haircut....maybe I'll tell you about mine in an upcoming post...


  1. I cut my hair really short a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. Once you find a primping routine that works for you it's wonderful.
    Penniless Socialite

  2. you look SO good with your new cut- LOVE IT!
    my worst cut? well i've had long hair since i was about 11, and before i studied abroad my junior year of college i thought it would be a liberating thing to cut 9 inches off my hair. um...i looked like an 8 year old. totally unattractive. dumb 21 year old me will never come out again, that's for sure. since then i haven't cut more than an inch or so off!

  3. It looks awesome -- perfect for summer! I chopped my hair off two months ago and still haven't gotten into a rhythm/routine that I love yet. Sigh...

  4. You look adorable! I love the curls, too! Sometimes a girl's just gotta switch things up! I love that you look so happy in that first photo!

  5. I love your new look. it looks so springy and fresh. :)

  6. It looks awesome! I don't think it looks like a Mom cut at all! lol It def looks fuller and more fun.

  7. I think it's just super cute on you (and I love the floral top)! My hair mishaps are, hopefully, way behind me. The problem with short hair like mine is that if someone screws up, you're really pooched as there's often no more hair to cut off!

  8. OMG you look AWESOME!! I love that hair length on you, it'll be so perfect for summer :) I hoe you can come to the next meetup!

  9. The new hair looks SO cute on you! It will be great for summer when it's so hot out...I bet you won't even miss your hair :)

    The Tiny Heart

  10. It's really cute! It looks healthy and bouncy. That's what I love about short hair. If you get sick of it well, it always grows back right!

  11. you look cute with short hair, I like the pretty curls. Nice thrifted floral blouse! So on trend for summer!


  12. I love this new haircut! I decided to go down the whole capfabb list and add everyone to bloglovin and remember that i never saw your blog from that time we went thrifting last month!!

  13. I'm loving your shirt !


  14. Your hair looks awesome! I find mine really pouts for a good week after I cut it. Then it comes around and we're friends again ;)


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