Reasons Why I Love the Weekend

Exhibit A: Library books.

Exhibit B: New Recipes. This weekend, Ritzy Chicken Casserole. Looks like dessert, but it ain't.

Exhibit C: A giant cookie in a skillet. Which was consumed in roughly three minutes.

I love the weekend. Who doesn't? Saturday and Sunday, the ending and beginning of the week, are what gets me through the week. Having these days to rest and rejuvenate helps me face the upcoming week with a renewed energy. Hence, why I don't work in the industry that I went to college for.

It was also a sad weekend for Penn State and for my hometown. RIP Joe Paterno.


How was your weekend?


  1. I've read all of Chelsea Handler's books back to front, she's so awesomely crude!

  2. Great reasons to love the weekends indeed!

  3. Aww I already miss the weekend. That dessert looks AMAZING

  4. I know....weekends are just the BEST. I keep wishing it were 3 instead of 2.


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