My New Years Thoughts

First things first, I was totally wrong about the whole 2012 end-of-the-world deal. I thought that the world was allegedly ending at the beginning of 2012, not the end of it, so I was wondering when the end of 2011 got closer and closer, why people weren't making a bigger deal out of it. Whoops!

So once the fear of impending doom was cast aside, we had ourselves a pretty nice New Years Eve.

Now, I've never really had a fabulous last-night-of-the-year. I have found that there are two types of people: people who LOVE New Years Eve, and people who HATE it. I am somewhere in between. I have always wanted to love it, and every year I have ideas of partying it up at some glamourous club in a sparkly dress. However, when the evening actually rolls around, all I want to do is sit on the couch with some junk food and watch poor Dick Clark try and count down the ball drop in Times Square. Or I get the stomach flu on New Years Eve, and toast the new year by the toilet with a glass of ginger ale. Mmmm.....

This year was the perfect combination of both. Dinner at a fancy restaurant in Arlington, and then back to the abode for drinks, snacks, Dick Clark, and Scrabble in our PJ's. Perfect.

So right off the bat, after a swell evening, a new blog design AND a whole extra year before the world is over, 2012 sure is looking to be pretty fabulous!

(But for real....this article from NASA makes me feel better.)

Looking back, 2011 was pretty wonderful; in fact, it was probably the most exciting year I've ever had. 

I graduated from college. Planned (with the help of many!) the biggest day of my life. Got married. Moved far away from home. Got my first big-girl job which doesn't involve uniforms or food. 

Can it really get better than that? 

I think it can. 2011 was fantastic, but I have a feeling that...

This is going to be the year that I find my ideal balance between work and life. Where I do not waste my energy on people who make me angry, but rather use it towards doing something creative and maybe making some extra money off of it (whether it's writing, making things, the blog...the possibilities are endless.) I'm going to teach myself how to sew and I'm going to do something creative at least once per week. No matter where my career takes me this year, I will find fulfillment in what I do and be thankful for the job I have. I will be thankful every day for my husband, our cozy abode, my family, and my friends that are all over the world. 

I'm ready! Let's have a fabulous year.

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  1. Love your resolutions. And your new blog design! Happy 2012 :)


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