New Shoes and Nu Shooz

On Sunday while my husband was mourning the loss of a football legend, I mourned in my own special way by going shopping.

I have been in serious need of new shoes, a fact that Ian finds very hard to believe, but a real need nonetheless. Particularly work shoes. See, I have been wearing the same sensible black heels that I bought for my summer internship three years ago, complete with a chunky heel and ankle strap. Not really cute at all. At one point, I invested in some better, more modern black heels from Kohls, but one was lost at some point in my bachelorette party travels, and one somehow made it down to Virginia. So that does a lot of good.

Needless to say, a trip to DSW was in order. After pulling up into a perfect parking spot just a few yards from the store, I had a good feeling. Just about everything in the store was on sale. Can you say cha- chingggggg? I did.

I walked in with one thing on my mind: black heels. But then it all went downhill when I spotted a pair of red patent-leather pumps. For 29 bucks. Eeeeeeeeep!

I mosied my way back to the clearance section, where I circled and circled trying on pair after pair of black heels that would be suitable for work. Finally, like a beacon on a lighthouse, I saw these babies marked 70 percent off!

After one (or two or three) more sweep up and down the aisles, I mosied back to the clearance one more time. And saw this pair of fabulous, totally un-sensible, and a little bit unnecessary, purple pair. Naturally, I tried them on and decided I had to have them.

So I did what any self-respecting shopper would do. Compared all of the options and their pros and cons. 

Red Shoes
Pros: They are red. And fabulous. And obviously I am buying them.
Cons: None that I can see.

Purple Shoes: 
Pros: They are purple. And fabulous. And I really want them.
Cons: Where will I where them? Whatever.

Black Shoes:
Pros: Perfect for work.
Cons: They are not red and/or any other bright color, not really fun, but a necessary purchase.

So I bought 'em all.

And it's not as self-indulgent as you think because all three were under $100! 

And now, as I'm sure you are just as excited as I am about this, I have provided for your listening pleasure the 1980's pop sensation Nu Shooz and their one hit wonder that makes me want to kick on my purple shoes and go dancing at a discotheque:


  1. I really love the purple ones, they are so fun and adorable. I do the same thing in DSW, just troll the clearance section several times to make sure I didn't miss anything :)

  2. My husband keeps telling me I need a pair of red pumps. I so think he's right! I love all 3. It's pretty cool to add some color in shoes. I have only brown, black and grey. Oh, how I love DSW! You cleaned up.

  3. Purple shoes, unnecessary? Ummmm..not at all! Think all the places you can wear them, date night, girls night, grocery shopping, shoe shopping, cleaning the house...see?

  4. Wow, you scored some amazing deals there girl! Clearly all 3 were necessary :)

  5. Excellent deals! I'm particularly envying the red patent-leather ones: classic with sass!

    I'm trying to hold out 'til after my April birthday to attack DSW-- I hear that they'll send you a birthday coupon if you sign up for their rewards program!

  6. Cute! I LOVE the purple pair!!

  7. i would have done the exact same thing. you can never have too many shoes!! i love them all, but i hold a special place in my heart for those purple ones!


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