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As you may or may not know, this blog originally started out as a place for me to document some of my favorite thrift store finds (some of my favorites are here, here, and here!) but over time, has developed into more of an over-all lifestyle blog. Obviously there ain't nothing wrong with that! But between the crazyness of wedding planning, moving, working, and just life in general, the thrift store trips have been sparse; although I have checked out a few in our area, I haven't really hit any jackpots yet. And the Goodwill store near us is EXPENSIVE. I mean, ten dollars for a dress? Really?

So sometimes I gotta do the next best thing--shop my closet. You know, dig into the depths for things that you forgot about, grew out of, or just never wore. Bonus points if it's a thrift store find to begin with, because that means you didn't waste much money on it!

Take, for example, this red polka-dot shirt. 

Never mind the awkward self-portrait pose. Truth be told, I would of used my brand new tripod but I was running late for work and simply had to capture this good hair day.

I think I bought this shirt at the State College Goodwill because I loved the pattern, loved the color, and loved the little poof in the shoulders. However, the fabric is AWFUL. As in, 100% polyester. Which meant that wearing for anything other than sitting in an office at a computer all day is pretty much out of the question, considering every movement induces pit stains.

But for a day at work, paired with a lovely vintage necklace and a belt? It's like it's a brand new outfit!




  1. Not sure which I love more -- this shirt or the blue polka dot one you linked us to from last Christmas season!

  2. Love the look of this blouse. Loved it with the belt. Really enjoyed seeing the photo of the red blouse with polka dots against your red wall paper w/polka dots.
    Also, congrats on the job.


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