Welcome to Our New Home!

I've been so used to saying that every time we have guests over to our real new home, so naturally I thought I would carry the sentiment over to my blogging life as well.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming my family from Pennsylvania into our new home. Considering the most amount I've gone without seeing them probably has never exceeded two weeks or so,  it was absolutely wonderful to finally see them after two months.

On Saturday afternoon, while the men watched football, the ladies ventured downtown and to the mall for long overdue shopping. I introduced them to some of my favorite thrift shops that I've found, and I had a moment of retail serendipity.

A few weeks ago when I was exploring the downtown Fairfax area, I happened to stumble upon The Factory, a new store that specializes in printed tees and vintage clothes. With no spending money in my pocket, going to these kind of places 'just to look' is the worst form of torture. I pulled out a 1960's era dress from the rack that had a fabulous kitchsy print--kind of like something you might find on an apron-- and an adorable length. I quickly stuck it back on the hanger and tried to put it out of my mind.

And I did, until we sauntered back into the shop last weekend. With a little bit 'o money courtesy of my mommy,  I thought to myself, if it's still here I'll get it. So imagine my excitement when I saw it poking out of the dresses, and upon further inspection, was cheaper than it was last time! It was clearly meant to be. So it came home with me, and this morning the weather finally cooperated for some photos.

Have you ever had one of those meant-to-be purchases that just seemed to come from a divine intervention?

Or maybe it's just that nobody else saw potential for a short dress splashed with flowers and primary colors. Oh well. Their loss.

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