Wearing the Wedding to Work

Well hello!

I guess it has kind of been awhile, hasn't it? Last time we spoke, I was getting over a batch of crummy cookies. I guess it wasn't really very nice to leave you off like that for almost a whole week after that epic tale--whatever became of the cookies? Did she die from sugar overdose? Where is Brenda?

Don't you worry my friends--other than a few minor instances of getting lost in back country VA, I am safe and sound and finding that life is suddenly showing a lot of similarity to all the things I've heard my parents always lament about life in the workforce; "There is just not enough time in the day!". "I don't feel like cooking dinner--let's just have pizza!" "Our house is a mess!" "9:30: time for bed!". 

Am I becoming a boring adult?

If nothing else, I will say that working has turned me into a much more fashionable adult! I cannot tell a lie--one of the biggest perks of getting a job was getting to wear nice clothes! Especially pencil skirts. I have a little bit of an obsession with pencil skirts, which unfortunately aren't really that versatile out of the workplace setting.

Luckily, after investing in a couple of said skirts, finding a working wardrobe really has not been as daunting as I was anticipating. Basically, with the right accessories and shoes, a good portion of the shirts I already own (mostly from thrift and vintage shops....cha ching!) have translated well into office wear. 

To name a few examples...

Cute bright blouses (that have been in my closet for years and have always narrowly escaped the Goodwill pile--see, I knew I was saving them for something!)

Pearls. So many pearls. I kind of wear them every day.

And flower brooches. Vintage, obviously.

Vintage brooches are absolutely my favorite accessory for several reasons. First, who doesn't love a fabulous pop of color? (If you don't--you're boring.) These have been amazing ways to spruce up my plain-jane solid color blouses. 

I also love these because they hold a special meaning to me. You might remembering that throughout the wedding planning, I was teetering on the fence of whether or not I wanted to embark on creating an all-brooch bouquet. As I debated, friends and family started being on the lookout for additions to my collection--the pretty yellow one was bought by my friend Shannon and the one below was a find from my mom--but by the time the wedding got close, I just really didn't have quite enough to make a substantial bouquet. I let it crush me for maybe five minutes, but the day we went for our appointment with the florist, he suggested something crazy--why not combine them with real flowers and have both?

He worked his magic and created the most fantastic and unique bouquet sprinkled with red roses, gerbera daisies, and vintage brooches.

Meagan Jepson Photography

Meagan Jepson Photography

Meagan Jepson Photography

Even though the real flowers have long since faded, I still have tangible reminders of that special part of our wedding that I can wear anytime I want. It's pretty neat.

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