Something Old, Borrowed, New and Blue: The Wedding Accessories

Finding the perfect wedding day accessories was one of the hardest parts, mostly because I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted them to be: vintage, a little bit of red, pearl-y, and fabulous. 

Since everyone knows that thrift shopping is not easy when you go in with a pre-determined idea, this meant that all the way up until the week of the wedding, I was still buying and gathering this stuff. But I think everything turned out to be the perfect accessory to fit in with the theme.

Something Old and Something Blue:

I found this amazing 1950s purse at the Sledworks Antique Mall in Duncannon, PA for only ten dollars. The blue garter came from Joanne Fabrics.

Something New:

The shoes. Eeeep, I love these shoes. I would wear them every day if I could. They were absolutely the perfect thing I had in mind for my perfect wedding shoes--red, peep toe, and a little hint of a heel so I wouldn't tower over my man. Other than the dress, these were one of the bigger wedding splurges. (Zappos.com)

I also went through about three pearl necklaces until I decided on this multi-strand number from Kohl's. 

Something Borrowed:

And the pearl earrings were borrowed from my godmother, Aunt Peg.

The best part is that now I have all these mementos of our wedding that I can wear and be reminded of that fabulous day!

Especially those red shoes. I think I'll just wear those every day.

*Photos by Meagan Jepson Photography


  1. Gorgeous! I would wear the shoes everyday those are so cute!

    -jamie @ theletter4.blogspot.com


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