Sunday Afternoon

Ah, Sunday afternoon. The last fleeting moments before the weekend is over and it's back to real life for the week.

After a particularly frustrating week that was mostly spent in the car, getting lost from point A to point B, and failed car inspections (perhaps we're due for a blog post on that one), I was quite honestly craving a weekend of zero social contact, lots of cuddling, and frozen pizza.

Turns out it was actually our most social weekend since we've been here, and it turns out that it was truly what I needed. Between dinner with the siblings-in-law on Friday, football/shopping with friends on Saturday afternoon (football for Ian and Matt, shopping for me and Erin--I know, you're shocked), and a campfire reunion with an old acquaintance/recent blogging friend (the beautiful Amanda, you know you want to check her out).

And here we are on Sunday, memories of the weekend still fresh and while the prospect of another week of early rising is daunting, Sunday afternoons are one of my most anticipated parts of the weekend. Growing up, Sundays meant church in the morning, brunch afterwards (either out or at home!), and a day of Mom's sewing machine whirring, Dad's radios buzzing, a fresh pot of coffee brewing, and lots of lazing. It is, after all, the day of rest.

Ian and I have fallen into our own Sunday routine, and it doesn't look too far off from what I've been used to my whole life, give or take the addition of football in the background-- an uncommon occurrence in the Saylor household.

We go to church and then we cook brunch.

We enjoy an afternoon cup 'o joe.

By golly, there's even time to photograph the wildlife in our backyard.

Speaking of wildlife, would you believe me if I told you, that within 30 seconds of each other, I saw a fox and a buck in the yard on Wednesday morning? No? Well, I did.

Don't you see, it's very exciting around here!

So exciting, that I don't know which item on my To-Do list to tackle next--catch up on all the shows I missed last week? Paint my nails? Call a friend?

Oh, Sunday.

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  1. I'm gradually adopting your more positive outlook here for sunday (usually I'm a grumpy homework do-er then), Coffee+brunch is always a good attitude adjuster ;) can't wait to see some more backyard wildlife pics! (wildlife outside my dorm doesn't go much beyond frazzled chipmunks)


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