Scenes from a Successful Saturday

Over the past few months, I've kind of had a thrifting/antiquing dry spell. For a funky junkie like myself, this simply will not do. But today was the first Saturday I've had completely open, so I did what anyone else would do: call up my sister for some shopping.

Here are some moments from a sisterly bonding day at a few antique stores around town, complete with Easter Bunny bags, shelves of creepy babies, and some fantastic jewelry :
Here comes Peter Cottontail...

And my favorite finds of the day:

Another addition to a very special bouquet

These earrings were there months ago and they were still there today. A six-dollar sign from the heavens!

I am not sufficiently caffeinated today and have eaten too many peanut butter M&M's. I think it's the weather.

July 9th.....where are you?! Oh yeah, exactly 3 months away. :-)

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