A Girl's Evolution of Style

Every little girl goes through several style phases in her life that help shape and define her.

When you're a baby, you really can't go wrong. Your wardrobe is busting at the seams with all the baby shower gifts and adorable little jumpers. Sure, mom and dad have complete say in your outfits--but come on. Babies are (usually) just cute.
Extra points for matching your toys.

Soon, it's off to preschool you go, where dress up clothes and Halloween costumes become normal for a daily outfit. You start to notice what the other girls are wearing, and try to outdo them with your own ridiculous outfit. Mom tries to explain to you that it doesn't match, but eventually gives it up--it's kind of adorable, right? Just put on your jean hat and sunglasses from the vending machine, and you are set.
Sailor Outfit + Jean Purse + Floppy Hat

But even for a young fashionista, it's exhausting to be always dressed to the nines. Sometimes a girl needs to kick back in her sweatsuit and slipper socks, and relax with some Raffi.

And the mullet is an added bonus.

Soon, it's off to big-kid school. Growing pains are kicking in, so with your ever-changing lanky body, Mom's hitting up the department stores and outlets for the sweetest and most practical deals.

You got some pooh on your overalls...

Middle school is when things get tricky. Everyone around you is starting to buy the same clothes from the mall, which you try for a little while until you decide you want to take a plunge and be different. Enter the Mr. Rogers Tee. Having a bad hair day? Just throw your hair up into some cute pigtails! Add your attempts at makeup on your braceface and you are just rakin' through the love notes from all your admirers.

High school is when your style truly begins to refine itself. Your style really becomes 'you'. And you finally have money and a drivers license to go shopping on your own.

And here  we are now. Years of evolving my style later, you can finally say that you've found it. For me, it's a little bit of funky, a little bit of vintage, a little bit of crazy--and it's still changing. Because who wants to wear the same thing every day?


  1. The jean purse got me. And how were you a cute middle schooler? I didn't know they existed!

  2. haha I like the middle school style the best ;)

  3. I was waiting for the Turtle Shell burlap-sack shorts, but didn't see them. Just an oversight, I'm sure. :p I laughed aloud at the "Pooh on your shorts" caption. Punny, my friend.


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