Operation: Bridal Bod

While I was doing my grocery shopping over the weekend, I found some grapefruit at the little grocery store down the street. Being a small, downtown, overpriced college student monopoly, this store's produce selection is usually very limited and you never quite know what they'll have on a day - to - day basis. But I couldn't resist some bright orange grapefruit on a rainy day.

Even though I didn't have a sharp pointy spoon to scoop the pink fruit out, I savored the kind of sweet (thanks to a dousing of sugar), kind of sour, delicious flavor. It turns out grapefruit is GREAT for you packed with antioxidants that fight heart disease. It also is a natural appetite reducer, is loaded with fiber, decreases cancer risk, and acts as a pro biotic and digestive enzyme. Oh, and grapefruit juice is said to cure insomnia--hmmm...

I decided when I got engaged that I wanted to have the best body ever for my wedding, and when spring semester began, I went right to it. However, with 79 days to go, I have gone through phases of insanely healthy eating only to  snap when I get a hankering to bake cookies. I have gone through a couple week's stretch of consistent gym-going, only to be unmotivated by one rainy day and ruin the streak for another few weeks. I have hopped on and fell off the P90X bandwagon (although I haven't completely lost hope on this one! The money spent on that is the only thing that will keep me going...).

With a student budget, a student schedule, and little access to a decent grocery store, buying healthy food has been the biggest challenge for me. I start out every week with good intentions of cooking at least 3 meals that week, but then end up eating PB&J for dinner because I don't feel like spending 7 bucks on chicken. I find myself saying that 'next week I'll do better'.

However, friends, don't get worried--I'm not trying to lose a crazy amount of weight or change the way I look, because I know I'm already a healthy individual. I'm just trying to tone up and eat a more balanced diet that doesn't revolve around coffee, chocolate, and wine (although wouldn't that be swell?). I know I'm not the only one who has ever made lofty fitness goals only to fall short and be disappointed, and I know that Ian loves me the way I am.

But from here on out, I'm going to try and incorporate at least one healthful thing into my day, whether it's eating fruit, going to the gym, or just taking a walk outside now that the rain has finally gone away.

In fact....I think I might just go do that now. Helloooo sun! 


  1. oops grammar.. lose weight, not loose

  2. Who says ya can't loose weight on coffee, chocolate, and wine?! :-) Keep up the good work, B!

  3. Ugh. Yep, I've fallen off the health wagon WAY too often. Tomorrow I will start {again} making better choices. Wish me luck!

  4. Bren~
    Try the Jillian Michaels work out DVDs. Less than 10 bucks at Walmart, and totally manageable 20 minute workouts. Even the busiest of students can fit that into their day!!! I love them, and the first workout made me sore for the rest of that week.

    Good luck!!


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