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Upon moving into our new house and Ian proclaiming the basement as his Man Cave, I decided that I, too, needed a little space of my own. Lucky for us, there was an extra bedroom that had been previously used as a nursery and since we have no need for that at this point in our lives, I simply couldn't let a perfectly good seafoam green room go to waste. Thus, The Bren Room!

Because "Craft Room" seemed too matronly. And "Studio" is way too pretentious for someone who's artistic skill spans no further than a few lucky Pinterest finds. So The Bren Room it is...for now.

As you can see, the room is in it's early, early stages. The table and cube shelves are recent Target finds, and pretty much everything else is junk that was previously strewn about this room in a heap. Throw in a Beatles poster that hung in my room when I was a teenager, some books, and some crafty odds and ends, and essentially, it's like my room back at my parent's house all over again.

But I have high hopes for this room, my friends! Some of the things currently on my to-do list are:

-A pretty desk chair
-A new wall color and maybe a bold accent wall (I'm in love with So Shay's recent office makeover!)
-Funky lighting
-A small couch or love seat

My plan is for this room to be an inspiring space where I can kick start some creative ventures, whether it be devoting more time to blogging, making things, or reading.

Oh, and finding a way to store dresses, purses, and shoes. Eeep. Yeah, I have a separate closet for these things.

One day I know I'm going to cringe when I look back at these photos, but just store them away as the "Before" version...

Happy almost-weekend! 

^Everything on this list is absolutely true. But I am optimistic!


  1. I dream of having my own personal room one day! Probably not any time soon, but one day. And I love this one!

  2. Men and their man caves!! I'm sure you will do great things with the Bren room. I also keep my dresses in an extra closet!

  3. fun! i have the same thing in our house, no babies so i get a whole room! mine is in the early stages just like yours but i love yours already!
    happy weekend!

  4. i can't wait to see your finished room. how nice that you get your very own room!! also, you closet looks like my after!

  5. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com


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