Back in Black

Surprise! Things look a little different around here!

Lately, I had been feeling like I was in a rut....with my style, with my creativity, pretty much with everything that didn't involve conking out on the couch with Big Bang Theory reruns in the background. I was feeling blah about what I was throwing on to wear to work. I mean, when it reaches the time of year when things are just cold and miserable, does anyone really feel like dressing cute? I sure don't.

But I was sick of it! Sick of it, I tell ya! So I took it upon myself to revamp the blog AND my style funk! Last week, I straightened my hair, put on a skirt, and had myself an awkward self photo shoot in the backyard. Oh, how I have missed those! This black H&M button up and gray skirt were both thrifted at some point or another, and the necklace was a cheapie at Body Central. I love how a long bangle instantly spruces up a boring top!

Ian and I also (finally) backed up our computers this weekend, and I took it upon myself to clear out all my photos on my computer which dated back to 2007. Is it any wonder I never felt like uploading photos? It always took a million years. Could have had something to do with the 15,000+ photos I was storing on my hard drive (I'm not even kidding). It seems like such a dumb little task, but doing that little thing made me feel productive and like I could finally take on some new projects.

Soon, daylight savings time will be here and we will be able to start sprucing up the backyard to get ready for summer get-togethers and evening lounging. 

But for now, you'll have to deal with the dried-up-herb-garden-and-random-foam-balls-kicked-over-the -fence-by-our-neighbor's-kids backdrop. Can't expect too much out of one weekend.

**Just a note about the new design--I designed the header and sidebar, but was lucky to find the adorable social media icons from Carrie Loves. They were so easy to install and she has every color you could ever want! 


  1. The blog looks great! Love your outfit too :)
    xx Allison

  2. love your hair, love your outfit, love the new blog!! i have been in a winter rut lately, too...i am needing spring!

  3. Love the new design! And welcome back!

  4. You did an amazing job on your blog!! I really love it. Glad to see you back. I'm gonna follow you on all those social media thingys!!

  5. yes, I know!!! I can't wait for spring. Winter here (Utah) has been brutally brutal this year. We had SNOW again over the weekend! Urgh. But they are forecasting warm (55°) by Saturday!

  6. The blog looks great and love your hair. Good to see you back!

  7. Go Brenda go! I love that you basically DIY'ed your blog here. You are so crafty and cute :) It looks amazing.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with the winter blahs! Stupid winter. Your blog design looks great!!

  9. I love the outfit! So beautiful:)


  10. You and your blog look fantastic! I loved the polka dots but totally understand the need for something new. Glad you're feeling spruced up and ready to tackle life, blog-posting, and those foam balls :)


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